Food and drink, where to eat Washington DC

Food and drink, where to eat Washington DC

Like Philadelphia, Washington prides itself on title of gastronomic capital. It is true that all kitchens of the world are represented there, the Ethiopian in the spotlight, and good restaurants are legion ... but most often, also, very expensive.

Fortunately, Washington counts several new generation chains offering healthy, varied cuisine, readily vegetarian, sometimes even inventive and at reasonable prices, such as Sweetgreen (ten addresses in the center), Chopt Creative Salad (idem) Beefsteak (5 addresses) which features vegetables (! ) and Cava Grill Greek trend (born in neighboring Maryland).

Less dietetic, there are also luxury burger chains like Shake Shack, born in New York, which has spread all over the country and now even in the Persian Gulf, or Five Guys (around fifty addresses for good big burgers).
Let us also mention Potbelly Sandwich Shop (well-filled sandwiches prepared to order), very present, or the essential Chipotle for those who like Mexican.

In areas without restaurants, especially around the Mall, b> food trucks take over: in summer, there are hundreds of them, offering everything and anything! Always confirm the prices beforehand and be careful though, some are a little questionable hygiene ...

Another option in the area is to attend cafeterias in major museums. However, the quality varies quite a bit from place to place and the prices are not very cheap.

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