Florida transportation and travel

Florida transportation and travel

The plane

The companies serving the United States remain numerous and the delays almost banal theft, as the traffic is dense.
Be careful with long delays in crossing the border police, during a correspondence on American soil from Europe; it's endless and it can make you miss the next flight! Allow at least 3 hours of beating between the 2 planes when you arrive (especially since you have to retrieve your hold baggage from the carpet and drop it off further).
On national flights, the service is reduced to its simplest form and most services are chargeable (drinks, snacks, headphones, etc.).
Be careful with weight limits of your checked baggage when you switch from an international flight to a domestic flight.

The car

It is the ideal Miami in tê formula is annoying and will cause you, in addition to knots in the brain, a good strain on the budget.

Another Saint Petersburg puzzle. The name of the same artery can change several times in a row depending on the municipality it crosses ...
As an example, from south to north, Atlantic Ave (naked) will first be called S (outh) Atlantic Ave (naked), then N (orth) Atlantic Ave (naked) in a 1st town, then rebelote, S (outh) Atlantic Ave (naked), then N (orth) Atlantic Ave (naked) in the next one ... and so on! It is the Main St (reet) or the Central St (reet) of the agglomeration that makes the difference between N and S.

Driving in the United States

- Difficult if not impossible to rent a car if the $ 30 per day.

- International payment card mandatory for the deposit.

- To drive on American soil: in principle, the national driver's license is sufficient. But beware, some rental companies require their French customers to have an international driving license.

  • See also car rental in the United States.

Highway tolls in Florida

Some sections of motorway and bridges are chargeable. There are several near the coastal islands in the Orlando and Miami metropolitan areas. The highway (US 75) which connects Naples to Fort Lauderdale as well as that between Orlando and Miami, with extension to Homestead, are also paying.

Important Notice ! Many Florida toll roads no longer accept cash or even card payments, and this system, called cashless, is becoming widespread. No more barriers or counters, but a rack of video cameras linked to a central computer which detects your license plate.
If you are renting a car, your rental company will offer you subscribe to a SunPass plan (at very variable rates and more and more expensive ...) supposed to cover your toll costs for the duration of the rental. The toll prices being very low (less than $ 3), it is very beneficial for them and the managing company ...
If you choose this formula, a transponder stashed in the car will be activated by the rental company, so much so that when you pass in front of the cameras, the computer will note that you are in good standing.

If you skipped this option when picking up the car, any passage in front of a camera without the transponder having been activated by your rental company will cost you a penalty + the price of the toll.

In summary, 2 solutions.

  • 1st case, there you are, bravo!
  • 2nd scenario, you are on vacation and you tell yourself that, ultimately, this option brings some psychological comfort, so you subscribe. It's racketeering, yes, but we have known champions who, on their return, found that several hundred euros had been debited from their payment card, simply because they had forgotten not to take the highways...

The bus

The retotality of the country. But it's not just them! Other companies offer very competitive offers, like Megabus.

- tickets can be purchased at bus stations, on the Internet and by telephone. On the websites, thanks to special offers, it's often 2 times cheaper !

At Greyhound, be careful, no numbered space on tickets; So, if you don't want to have to wait for the next bus, come at least 30 minutes to 1 hour before departure

The train

- Bright Line: New city train. A big plus especially in Miami. The price is affected of course. Reservation required.

- Amtrak : 31h). Both serve Orlando, Jacksonville, Savannah and Washington DC by the way (2-23h). Only the Silver Meteor serves the coast of the Carolinas (including Charleston, Florence and Fayetteville), the Silver Star goes inland

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