Florida Activities, Sports and Recreation

Florida Activities, Sports and Recreation

National parks

The national parks (National Parks) and the national monuments (National Monuments) are places rigorously protectedUnis himself. They are managed by the same administration, and very strict regulations protect them from any degradation of human origin.
It is for this reason that Trump, the climate skeptic, intends to question the decrees that Obama had taken and which aimed to significantly increase the surface of such areas in certain national parks.

However, the Amécar. To sleep in a park in season, it is good to book well in advance or return early in the morning when booking is not possible.

America The Beautiful Pass

America The Beautiful Pass (or Interagency Annual Pass), this group (unlimited number of entries). It costs $ 80 for a car, the pass holder and a maximum of 3 accompanying persons (under 16s do not count). The purchase is worth it if you plan to visit other parks outside of Florida.

Reception centers or Visitor Centers

In all the parks, there are one or more Visitor Centers, where kayaking ...) and often very well documented naturalist guides. This is the first place to go when arriving. It is often also the starting point for visits and always a wealth of information. Most even have real small museums.

US National Parks Websites

  • for all useful information, entry fees, etc.
  • for book accommodation in all national parks.

Florida with kids

Florida is a magical destination for children, in every way. Of theme parks demented, miles of beaches of white sand fringed with coconut palms, unusual and fun museums, natural spaces preserved where you can see a multitude of animals in total freedom ...

The only downside are the immense distances that separate the tourist spots. Be prepared for long hours in the car. This is why it is important to target your choices when planning your itinerary. Here are our suggestions to help you put together a program that suits both your kids' interests and your budget.

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