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The Australian Outback as you've always dreamed of

Larger than the great American West, more desert and rocky than the plain of Salta in Argentina, the Outback of the Flinders Ranges National Park is an Australian experience you will not be able to forget: the confrontation with the aridity and violence of the Australian climate !

Away from the masses of tourists, this park allows you to discover the desert landscapes of the bush just half a day from Adelaide.

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The paths of the natural park

The natural park contains a large number of « unsealed roads » (understand "unpaved roads") to travel in all directions.

In any case, a detailed map and report of road conditions are necessary.

But as soon as the climate becomes more difficult with the rainy season, the 4×4 is essential (and much funnier!) to cross hills, fords, and other potholes criss-crossing the park!

It is impossible to account for the diversity of landscapes of the park.

In 1 hour drive, you can travel a dusty path lined with eucalyptus, then emerge into a long arid plain of several kilometers and finally end with a rugged defile, surrounded by high mountains!

Of course it is also the ideal environment to meet the greatest number ofemus, wallabies, vultures and kangaroos Australians in their natural environment.

The Brachina Gorge Trail

The Flinders Ranges region is also well known for all its geological formations open air.

Colored minerals, land folds, faults, volcanic formations and even fossils are very easily observable.

Many explanatory panels will help you better understand the formation of this region, especially on the prepared trail of Brachina Gorge.

The 4×4 trails extend over more than 200 km² from Wilpena to Brachina Gorge, Parachilna and Blinman.

It's the ideal place to have fun renting a 4×4, and playing Paris-Dakar in the dust!

Some trails are also accessible for small cars (we promise! We switched to a Clio!), but only when the weather is dry and stable.

In a day's drive, you can also reach the northern part of the natural park, around Leigh Creek and Arkaroola. The landscapes are, it seems, even more wild and arid! Good road !

Useful information

The Flinders Ranges National Park is located in the state of South Australia, 7 hours by car from Adelaide and 3 hours by car from Quorn. Hema publishes a detailed map of the region every year.

The campsite (well equipped!) and a vehicle in good condition are essential for this kind of expedition. You can camp near the site of Wilpena Pound or in camping areas arranged inside the park, but you must then provide water, food and sufficient gasoline to be self-sufficient.

You must contact the tourist offices of Wilpena Pound, Parachilna or Leigh Creek to obtain the permit to travel and camp in the Park. They will also give you all the latest information on road conditions and the upcoming weather!

Presentation in French of the park

Association of tourist establishments in the park: travel agency, accommodation, attractions, festival

Practical information for organizing your trip

Wilpena Pound Resort: hotel, campsite, information on activities in the region

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