Fêtes Maritimes Internationales 2016: Brest celebrates the sea!

This is an event that takes place every four years in the harbor of one of the largest ports in Brittany. From 13 to 19 July 2016, the Fêtes Maritimes Internationales are back in Brest to the delight of those who love boats and exceptional shows. From all over the world, yachts from yesterday and today soar over the water in magical ballets. On land, activities and concerts complete this beautiful program. Nations in the spotlight Bas, England ...

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Brest, the sea above all

Located at the western end of Brittany, in the north of Finistère, Brest has been mainly facing the Atlantic Ocean for a long time, as evidenced in the port by the castle redesigned by Vauban, which houses collections of the National Maritime Museum, or the tower Tanguy.

The Arsenal founded in the 17th century still plays an important role in the city's economy with its military and civilian activities.

Pour it part, le Océanopolis park takes you to discover marine ecosystems around the world, in particular through some fifty aquariums. Marinas, beaches and wild coasts are located a stone's throw from the city center.

Take advantage of the maritime festivals to (re) discover this endearing and festive city, looking out to sea.

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Seven days of celebration

The festivities last from morning to night. Every day, marching bands, bagads and other groups of musicians take place on the quays where are also given. concerts in various places, in particular on a large stage and a moored boat: sailors' songs, Breton, British, Irish, Mediterranean, Portuguese, African, Brazilian, Russian, groove, rock music ... Some headliners: Bagad by Lann Bihoué, Yvan Le Bolloc'h, Minuit, Lucia Carvalho, Lura, Mickey 3D, Ensemble Matheus ...

Concerning animations, you have meetings, conferences, workshops, demonstrations of rescue, survival at sea or helicopter hoisting, as well as scull races (boats that are handled with a piece of wood) ...

Highlights of Brest 2016

In addition to the shows and entertainment, events are scheduled which are the excitement of the Fêtes Maritimes Internationales de Brest, namely nautical ballets "performed" by fabulous boats.

July 13, the day begins with the launch of the Audiernais, a restored 1936 barge. At night, the fleet of the Brest harbor is in the spotlight. These are boats that liven up the port every day, including the powerful intervention, assistance and rescue tug Abeille Bourbon. Accompany them on Brest tall ships such as La Belle Poule, l'Étoile, La Recouvrance, Le Mutin ...

July 14, National Day, there is a military parade and a flight over planes. Then we proceed to the launching of the old lifeboat of Ouessant Patron François Morin which, dating from 1959, has just been restored. After a parade of Navy training ships, a multitude of various boats participate in their own way in the traditional fireworks display.

July 15, you have a hauler of historic replicas and steamboats. In the evening, pleasure and offshore racing boats parade: the Macif by François Gabart, the Sodebo by Thomas Coville or the Pen Duicks, in tribute to Éric Tabarly.

July 16, there is a hauler of old working sailboats (cabotage, offshore fishing ...) and, at nightfall, a "third, auric or Bermudian ... The types of boats are very numerous: sloup, cutter, dundée , yawl, ketch, schooner, brig ...

July 17, tall Dutch sailing ships, pleasure boats or the Royal Navy, take part in a turn-tack. The night parade features historic replicas, including that of Hermione, the flagship that La Fayette borrowed to reach America in 1780 and which made its big comeback in Brest in 2016. Boats also called Shtandart, Étoile du Roy, Recouvrance, Renard ...

July 18, place the English sailboats and Old Gaffers for a last turn. The day ends with fireworks, during which once again splendid boats will be sublimated.

July 19, the Maritime Festivals end with the departure of a large parade which launches, in the direction of Douarnenez, an armada of boats of all kinds: traditional, racing or pleasure yachts, motor boats, etc.

And, just before the festivities in Brest, of the 6 12 2016 July, the ports of northern Finistère - in the Brest Terres Océanes region to be precise - (Le Conquet, Plouguerneau, Lampaul Plouarzel, Landerneau ...) welcome boats and crews on their way to Brest 2016. Many activities on the program.

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