Entry formalities and ESTA United States

Entry formalities and ESTA United States

Entry formalities

PLEASE NOTE: SEE MEASURES, very detailed and constantly updated, to keep you up to date with the latest measurements.

Biometric or electronic passport compulsory.
- children and of all ages must have their own passport, babies included.
If they are not accompanied by one of their parents, the Minors must have a authorization to leave the country (formality restored in France since 2017). Downloadable form (completed and signed by one of the parents) to be given to the minor traveling alone, with a photocopy of the identity document of the signatory parent.

- Travelers (including children) must also be aware of the secret ESTA sites (which unfortunately you come across very easily by "googling" the word "ESTA"), which are much more expensive.
The ESTA request must be made at least 72 hours before departure, the earlier the better. The response is usually immediate.
If a request is put on hold, you must go and consult your file on the official website (you will not receive anything by email).
When entering online, the official nine-character passport number must be entered. As to married women, they must register under their full name (maiden and wife names).

- Attention, in case of refusal of ESTA, no recourse possible. You have to go through a visa procedure: expensive and sometimes long. This refusal is almost automatic, among others, if you have visited a country classified as “at risk” by the American authorities (Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Yemen ...). Check before!

- Pre-return obligation, or a ticket attesting to the plan to leave the United States. When passing through immigration, we will take your fingerprints and a photo.

- The visa was not born United for tourism. However, the seUnis in Paris.

- The admission conditions for Belgians and Swiss are similar to those of the French. As to Canadiens, they must have a valid passport.

- If you enter the United States from Mexico or Canada by land, the conditions remain the same, except that it is not, for the time being, necessary to make an ESTA request, and that a tax of $ 6, payable in cash, will be requested.

- No vaccination mandatory.

- To drive on American soil: in principle, the national driver's license is sufficient. But beware, some rental companies require their French customers to have an international driving license. Check with your rental company beforehand.

- Prohibition on taking unsterilized perishable foodstuffs (cold meats, cheese, cookies ...) and plants.

- Think of United and London, screening officers are likely to ask you to turn them on.

- Avoid locking your suitcases hold, under penalty of finding their locks forced by the security services who search them regularly.

Useful contacts

In France

- US Tourist Office (c / o Visit USA Committee): té702-470 (3 & euroUnis and ESTA (travel authorization), as well as thematic files ...

- Embassy of the United States, Consular Section: 2, avenue Gabriel, 75008 Paris. Me43-12-22-22. Me The visa is not mandatory for a stay of less than 90 days, but you must register on the Internet to obtain an ESTA travel authorization.

- Repre Representative office 44-76-47-52-45. Email:
- Representative office 44-77-88-05. Email:
- Representative office 44-77-87-00. Email:
- Idaho, Montana, South Dakota and Wyoming Tourism Bureau 70-23-06-00. Email:
- Utah and Oregon Tourism Bureau: tee70-23-06-00. Email:
- 44-77-88-06. Email: Contact té 18pm (17pm on Friday).
Closed to the public. Delivery of brochures to your home on request.

In Belgium

- Embassy of the United States: Boulevard du Ré 811-4000.
- The visa is not compulsory for Belgians for a stay of less than 90 days, but ESTA necessary (see below).

In Swiss

- Embassy of the United States: Sulgeneckstrasse, 19, 3007 Bern. TE357-70-11.

- The visa is not compulsory for the Swiss for a stay of less than 90 days, but ESTA required (see below).

In Canada

- Embassy of the United States: 490 Sussex Road, Ottawa, Ontario. TE688-5335.
- US Consulate: 315, place d'Youville, Montré 692-2095 (voice server). Open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to The visa is not required for Canadians for a stay of less than 180 days.

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