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Spend the day at Barcelona Zoo with your entrance ticket. Located in the heart of Barcelona's “green lung” – Parc de la Ciutadella – Spain's most popular zoo is home to over 4 wild animals in spacious, leafy enclosures. Watch dolphins, lions, monkeys and more, and learn about Flocon, the rare and much-loved white gorilla who once called this beautiful zoo home.

Enjoy a fun and informative day at Barcelona Zoo in Parc de la Ciutadella. Not only does it hold the honor of being Spain's most modern zoo, it's also the country's oldest – open to the public since 1882. With an area of ​​almost 13ha, it really takes a day complete to see the whole zoo, and luckily a mini-train is there to help you get around it. Otherwise, you can rent an electric car at your own expense.
Replicating the natural habitat of the animals that live there, Barcelona Zoo is divided into different sections, with large open enclosures for mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles. Additional areas include the "Children's Zoo," where little ones can get up close to more domesticated animals, and the Dolphinarium, where friendly dolphins perform in front of large windows.
Until recently, Barcelona Zoo was particularly well known for being home to a rare white gorilla called Flocon (Floquet de Neu), who sadly passed away in 2003. To keep Flocon's memory alive, the zoo is passionate about helping endangered gorillas by participating in awareness raising and numerous conservation programs for endangered species.
Discover all the famous animals you would expect to see in a zoo, such as hippos, lions, tigers and monkeys, as well as animals native to Spain, such as Iberian wolves. As you explore, you'll learn all about these fascinating creatures from information panels and interactive areas scattered around the zoo.
With plenty of shaded picnic areas, as well as cafes and restaurants on site, you can eat in the zoo (own expense), or just sit back and relax amidst the impressive collection of animals in Barcelona!

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