Enamor's favorites in London

It only took a short stay in London almost 10 years ago at Enamor to become a "London addict"!
Very present on the London forum, she advises Internet users and shares her tips.
With this interview, she reveals her London favorites!

Can you introduce yourself to Internet users?

In our forties as a couple, with a 17-year-old teenager from Provence, we like to travel as a family or as a couple and we are very curious by nature. I love preparing and organizing our various trips, I can spend hours there, browsing the net and reading guides, in order to optimize our stays as well as possible; you just have to give me a destination and I'll go headlong! 

I am always on the lookout for ideas for original visits that go off the beaten track. 

I also like to surprise my little family by reserving them some surprises once there. Our teenager also has the virus and is looking forward to our next stay.

What prompted you to join the forworldtriplovers.com forums?

When we go somewhere, I hate wasting time and I like to learn and prepare our schedule of visits, without necessarily planning everything in advance, but I believe that to have a successful stay and optimize it as best as possible, you have to a minimum of preparation and anticipation.

During our first stay in London, I wanted to know everything about this city. As the stay there was short (2 nights), I did not want to miss anything and, by subscribing to the Routard forum, I found answers and advice. I also found a lot of ideas and reviews that allowed me to better plan this trip. Then, on my return, it seemed obvious to me to share my impressions and my little discoveries. Then I started and intervened when I had the answers.

Since then, with each new trip, my reflex is to consult the forum, to draw ideas or get advice.

What kind of traveler are you?

As said before, I am very curious and I am passionate about history, so during most of our stays I like to browse museums and places steeped in history.

Of a smiling nature, I also like to meet people there. The language barrier does not scare me, so I always manage to exchange and share. I like traveling a big city as well as spending time in the heart of nature looking for the must-see point of view

We know that you are very present on the London forum. Why this city?

Ah, London! This city is addictive and, for almost 10 years that we have traveled it, it has not stopped surprising me. Impossible to know everything as this city is full of nuggets that you have to know how to find. Each stay brings its share of new things and discoveries.

Despite the size of the city, we often manage to find a small neighborhood, a small courtyard or terrace that gives us the impression of being in a village.

Everything pleases me in London: its diverse neighborhoods, its daring architecture, its inhabitants, its monuments, its museums, its parks, its atmosphere, its hectic life and also its little corners of paradise, far from the noise and tumult of sirens!

I also like the feeling of security that this city exudes: you can take the metro or the bus late at night without worry or take a family walk at night. I have never been afraid or feared for my safety or that of my relatives. It is obvious that, like everywhere, you have to show a minimum of common sense, but taking the underground in London has nothing to do with taking it in Paris or Marseille.

I also like the free admission to its national museums: imagine the free Louvre!

The British is a real wonder!

It is an access for all to culture, to history, all the museums are very well thought out, with routes for children or for those "in a hurry", with a lot of interactivity (you can touch, try) , they are very playful and very well made… Enough to spend hours there as they are full of treasures!

Speaking of free, a lot of things are free in London, you just have to look a little.

I love this city so cosmopolitan, so open to others, without judgment. London is a very tolerant city which accepts difference and suddenly, London is a city rich in its inhabitants, coming from so many countries and with varied customs… This city takes the best of everyone.

What are your three favorites in London?

Ah la la, difficult to answer this question because it is very reductive, but I will try!

- Saint James's Park: must stop at each stay because we love to go there between two visits! The many flowers and varied animals offer wonderful moments of relaxation: we love to offer peanuts to the little shy squirrels! London parks are very clean, very well maintained and each season offers its share of different colors and lights.

Kyoto Gardens (Holland Park) is also worth a detour for its Zen atmosphere.

- Brompton Cemetery: I love London cemeteries, for their beauty, their tranquility ... Some parts are very well maintained, others seem abandoned, they are very moving places, there are many in London and deserve a stop : it's a source of mockery from my daughter every time she stays with us!

- Saint Dunstan in the East: in the heart of the City, the ruins of a church destroyed during the Second World War, it is a true haven of peace far from the tumult and frenzy of the city, ideal for a quiet lunch break.

What is the culinary specialty you love to eat in London?

In London, you can eat international cuisine, but I admit I have a weakness for the famous "pies" served in pubs: meat pies accompanied by crunchy vegetables and fluorescent peas!

English pubs are institutions, every district has them and some are veritable labyrinths or veritable museums.

Mandatory stop also at the Borough Market, and more particularly at Maria's market (Maria's Market Café) to taste its famous Bubble Bap Beacon and Cheese (bread filled with mashed potatoes and cabbage with bacon and cheese), a real delight !

We discovered her stand during a TV report and since then we have been going to greet her regularly and speak French with her.

Do you have an unusual address / place to recommend to Internet users for their next trip to London?

The unusual addresses are numerous, difficult to recommend one more than another, but I have a weakness for the gardens of the Roof Terrace in Kensington.

It is a surprising place, with three superb gardens of different styles, flamingos, a small stream… All at the top of a building. Access is free.

Do you have a travel anecdote to share?

I love the kindness of the people there, always ready to help.

One day, lost and unable to find our way because of construction work, we ask a policeman the route to follow; we try to understand his explanations, however given with a lot of patience, then we set off although not having understood everything; after a few minutes, arrived at a crossroads and hesitating on the direction to take, I turn around and see a few steps behind me the same policeman who had followed us and who was waving to me to go to the right!

What's your next trip?

London again and again! I wrote down a few places and addresses to see. We are also planning to return to Scotland and Corsica.

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