Eastern Crete, a land of legends

Crete is the largest and most fertile island in the Mediterranean archipelago. A little over 3 hours by plane from France, it is not yet Africa, but not quite Europe. Land of Minos, Icarus, Theseus and the Minotaur, it was the scene of many mythological epics.

It must be said that in Crete, and more particularly in eastern Crete, the line between reality and fiction is fine. Hippos and dwarf elephants, which inhabited the lakes where humans lived in the Paleolithic, rubbed shoulders with giant rodents… And that's not counting the dinosaurs that frolic in the region some 100 million years earlier. From the bones of giants to the caves inhabited by Cyclops, there is only one step ...

Add to that shipwrecked sailors taken in by a technically more advanced civilization, labyrinthine palaces from which one emerges drunk with resin, bloody bulls, naiads sparsely dressed with hair embalmed with perfume, decoctions of herbs that cure all ailments ... of characters and extraordinary facts which inspired the authors of Antiquity ...

From this singular history, mingled with a geology taken in the etymological sense of the term, namely "the discourse of the earth", eastern Crete has kept the scars: peaks, faults, caves and large depressions that have become market gardens, 'where emerge here and there the ruins of palaces forever disappeared.

In short, a real land of hikers ...

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