Dugi Otok, an island of fishermen

Dugi Otok is, as its name suggests, a long island. With 45 km long and some 124 km2, the largest island in the Zadar archipelago is a little jewel of unspoilt nature. Indeed, 1.500 hectares are covered by vines producing one of the best wines in Croatia or devoted to agriculture, 752 ha are pasture land on which shepherds still keep sheep in the old way and some 300 ha are still intact Dalmatian scrub forests. This vegetation is necessarily more abundant in the north and center of the island, while the south is more like this type of lunar and peeling landscape similar to the rest of the Kornati archipelago to which it is also attached.

You can easily juggle between these two types of landscapes during your visit to one of the most populated islands of the Kornati. Do not expect on Dugi Otok to find yourself facing sumptuous vestiges of a rich past that the island has never known: it has always been a difficult land inhabited by fishermen who have subsequently developed their own agriculture. on the land usable for these purposes.

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Alunir on Dugi Otok will give you the opportunity to take long walks on a changing terrain while enjoying the charm and somewhat outdated hospitality of the island's ten villages. You will sometimes have the impression of doing extras in a Yugoslav film from the 70s. Change of scenery guaranteed. Dugi Otok remains the most civilized way to approach the north of the Kornati archipelago in a way.

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