Dubai Identity Card

Dubai Identity Card

- Location: é Floor area Population: 2 inhabitants in the  Capital of É Language : Arabic (official) Change : US dirham Religions: Sunni Muslims are in the majority.

Human rights

The United Arab Emirates are regularly singled out by NGOs which defend human rights for their attacks on freedom of expression, the arrest of opponents, the practice of torture, the exploitation of foreign workers and discrimination with regard to women.

  • See also human rights in the United Arab Emirates
  • See the Amnesty International website


After pearl fishing and maritime trade at the start of the 1960th century, economic development in the region really began in the XNUMXs with the discovery of deposits ofhydrocarbons (oil and gas). In the decades to come, however, these reserves will run out.

To anticipate the gradual disappearance of oil resources and diversify its economy, Dubai must therefore diversify its economy.

The emirate bases its development on services (maritime and air transport, tourism, retail trade, financial services) andindustry (free trade zones). The put emirate creates free zones. He is betting on trade international finance re-export and tourism luxury. The building and public works sectors have thus, by ripple effect, experienced strong expansion.

Dubai has been hit hard by the global financial crisis of fall 2008. To avoid bankruptcy, the Emirate of Dubai had to request the rescheduling of part of its debt, and in particular, the debt of two of its major groups, including Dubai World.
This investment company supervises in particular colossal real estate projects.

  • More info on real estate projects in the culture section.

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