Dream cruise in the Whitsunday Islands

Archipelago of a hundred islands a few hours from the Great Barrier Reef, it is directly from the Whitsunday Islands that all the postcards of Australia come with palm trees, turquoise water and colorful fish!

All the more reason to run there right away…

Favorite activity note: Cruise to the Great Barrier Reef, buffet lunch and submarine excursion

Halfway between Brisbane (19 hours by bus) and Cairns (11 hours by bus), Airlie Beach is the city of reference from which you can easily explore all the surrounding islands.

Don't get me wrong, at Airlie Beach, even in high season (November to February), you won't feel overwhelmed or overwhelmed by the world!

No buildings higher than 4 floors and the city has kept the atmosphere of a small seaside resort, offering good backpackers, Bed & Breakfasts and travel agencies.

The main islands of the archipelago are Hook Island, Whitsunday Island, Long Island, and the North and South Mollé Islands.

Many of these islands are to be explored on foot and by camping as natural parks, but some of the most beautiful luxury resorts or hotels (including Bill Gates' summer residence!) have also been established there.

However, the unforgettable experience to discover the region is a 3 or 5 day cruise throughout the archipelago.

Several boats offer cruises throughout the week from Airlie Beach, and the overnight departure to the Southern Cross is simply magical.

Snorkelling, diving, bush walking and sunsets over the islands are on the program.

Without forgetting the main attraction that will make you forget all the beaches in the world: Whitehaven Beach, a beach where the sand is the whitest and purest in the world!

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Find out more about the cruise you want to take in the Whitsundays.

In 3 days, you can visit the islands and the paradisiacal Whitehaven Beach, but in 5 or 6 days, you can also go and dive directly on the Great Barrier Reef!

Many Bed & Breakfasts, often nicer than hostels, are available around Airlie Beach.

We advise you personally: Parkwood Terrace, a must for all honeymooners!!

practical information

Airlie Beach is accessible daily by Greyhound bus from Cairns and Brisbane.

The departure for the islands is from Shute Arbor (20 min by bus from Airlie Beach) with the company Fantasea Ferries.

Archipelago Tourist Office

One of the most beautiful resorts in the center of the archipelago: Daydream Islands

Island Cruise: Southern Cross Sailing Adventures

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