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A true jewel of the Atlantic coast, Ile de Ré, the fourth largest island in France, just 10 minutes by car from La Rochelle, offers you a real change of scenery and a total break with everyday life. Also nicknamed “Ré la Blanche” in reference to the color of its traditional houses, the Île de Ré offers a wide range of landscapes alternating between sandy beaches, forests, vineyards and salt marshes. This natural island which shelters fields as far as the eye can see, cycle paths by the hundreds and serves as a refuge for migrating birds that come to nest here has wonderfully preserved its authenticity. In the typical fishing villages with flowered alleyways of hollyhocks, we like to take the time to spend a long weekend ... cut off from the world. 

To see or do absolutely on the island of Ré 

Saint Martin de Ré

Discover Saint-Martin-de-Ré, one of the most beautiful villages of the island recognizable by its fortified enclosure built by Vauban, classified as a UNESCO heritage. This charming little port populated by boats and sailboats, shops, restaurants, café terraces and ice cream parlors like La Martinière (the most famous!) Provide an inviting setting for relaxation. In Saint-Martin-de-Ré we visit the observatory bell tower which reveals a breathtaking view of the island and the Ernest Cognacq museum which retraces all of Rhet's history. Stop at the famous penitentiary from where convicts once left for Cayenne. 

Whale Lighthouse

Ouvert toute l'année, le Whale Lighthouse built in 1854 is also one of the must-see attractions of the island. After running on petroleum, it now lights up from its 60 meters with two powerful halogen lamps offering a range of 27 miles. Take the time to discover the exhibition dedicated to this lighthouse and arm yourself with courage to climb its 257 steps. A great reward awaits you at the top… a 360 ° panorama and a breathtaking view! 


Jewel of Rhaetan architecture, the charming village of Ars-en-Ré located at the western end of the island is distinguished by the steeple of its unusual church whose white and black spire once served as a landmark for navigators. You will dive into the world of salt marshes still exploited today by about sixty salt workers. To learn more about this island activity, do not miss a visit to the ecomuseum of Loix and don't forget to bring some fleur de sel in your suitcases! 

Donkey on a pasture on the Ile de Ré

Meet the asses in panties, real mascots of the Ile de Ré. Dressed in pants with suspenders that once protected them from insect bites, these donkeys have kept this outfit and have become Ré's attraction. 

Where to stay on the island? 

This destination offers a wide variety of accommodation, for all tastes and all budgets: you will therefore have no trouble finding a rental on the Ile de Ré. From classic accommodation, to traditional or atypical charm, everyone will make your stay unforgettable. 

• You will find hotels from 40 € per night.

• The rustic bed and breakfasts are accessible from 350/450 € per week in the off-seasons (count double in summer). 

• The right formula is also to book a guestroom from 60 € per night.

• The campings of the island also offer mobile home accommodation from 40 € per night.

It should be noted : You will find offers of “wellness weekend”(Spa or thalasso) with fairly stable prices all year round. Count per person between 120 and 200 € for two nights with breakfast and Spa. (out of season). Plan an additional 100 to 150 € per person in the summer.

Tips and good plans 

Île de Ré, bicycle paradise

Take your bike or rent one on the island. With its many cycle paths, Île de Ré is the cyclists paradise.

Take advantage of the hundreds of cycle paths to meet the biodiversity of the island and the Migrator birds in the Lilleau des Niges Reserve. Ornithological outings are organized by the LPO / Maison du Fier - Route du vieux-port - 17880 Les Portes-en-Ré. A good opportunity to see animals in the wild in France.

The Ile de Ré is the perfect place to recharge your batteries in one of the three centers of thalassotherapy. Do nothing, let yourself go and take care of yourself for a weekend! 

Lobsters from Ile de Ré

Take advantage of your stay on the Ile de Ré to taste oysters and seafood in an oyster hut. 

Ideal for a weekend for two

Beach atmosphere at Ile de Ré

On the Ile de Ré, life flows smoothly and quietly in winter and summer. Time seems to stand still to the delight of those who choose to come and recharge their batteries. Ideal for a weekend for two, the Île de Ré is so enchanting that you want to come back, or why not discover other island gems on the Atlantic coast ...

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