Discover the Cyclades through 6 islands (from Mykonos to Santorini)

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For those who will benefit from the good plans, a dive in the Aegean Sea is essential to find the Cyclades island which corresponds to them. If you've already taken a look at our travel guide to Greece, let's now dwell more on 6 Cycladic islands.

• the northern Cyclades •

1. Mykonos for party animals

Mykonos is to the Aegean Sea what Ibiza is to the Mediterranean: a party place. The timetable is divided into two parts. Vacationers benefit very beautiful beaches from Mykonos the day to then join bars and clubs to dance the night away and cross there the jet-set. Travelers looking for authenticity will look for another Cycladic destination. The fact remains that Mykonos is an essential base in the Aegean Sea. A few coves would still remain unexplored ...

Mykonos for party animals

• the central Cyclades •

2. Amorgos for hikers

Those who draw inspiration from their cinema vacations will look no further than Amorgos. It was here that Luc Besson shot the first scenes of the Grand Bleu. The island is bounded by steep coasts and cliffs. Amorgos is a wild base that will not satisfy those who love idleness in search of long beaches. Hikers will cross rocky marked trails, interrupted by authentic villages, ancient remains and monasteries.

Amorgos for hikers

3. Naxos for families

The largest of the Cycladic islands combines all the advantages that families are looking for for a good holiday. She has long sandy beaches, hiking trails, green spaces more than elsewhere in the Cyclades. Parents will not have to put an end to their desire to escape thanks to a hinterland rich in landscapes to explore. Children, for their part, will get up close to olive trees, vegetable gardens, orchards and polish their culinary culture.

Naxos for families

4. Paros for kitesurfers and divers

The neighbor of Naxos generally welcomes passing tourists who stop there before taking a new boat and reaching their final island. However, the sportsmen, them, deposit their luggage and draw their equipment for enjoy nautical activities. The seabed delight divers while windsurfers and kitesurfers transform the wind into an ally to tame the waves.

Art lovers complete the profile of tourists to Paros. They come to discover the famous marble of Paros, in which masterpieces such as the Venus de Milo have been carved.

Paros for kitesurfers and divers

• the Western Cyclades •

5. Sifnos for gourmets

Among the countless islands, Sifnos will satisfy the stomachs of travelers. Foodies put their suitcases there for taste the many specialties. Its tasty cuisine imprints flavors of its eastern neighbors. On the menu: Turkish delight, caper salad, salad with local goat cheese called xynomyzithra, lamb stew with wine and dill (the mastello) ...

The island of Sifnos is also recommended for ceramic worshipers of which she is a specialist. Amateur photographers can linger in front of the 300 churches on the island.

Sifnos for gourmets

• the southern Cyclades •

6. Santorini for lovers

It is a cliché that is right to exist. The panorama that Santorini offers transformed the island, a long time ago, like a destination of choice for honeymooners. Santorini is arguably the most famous Cycladic island. Its beauty largely contributes to its notoriety, especially as its famous white buildings with midnight blue domes generally represent the image we have of Greece.

To see them, you have to dock in Santorini, to climb the cliffs of an ancient volcano engulfed 3500 years ago. Summer visitors will take the time to discover this fascinating geological history by approaching the black sand beaches.

Santorini for lovers

The Cyclades, to each island its pleasure

As you will no doubt have understood, each island offers its share of surprises and discoveries according to the totally different tastes of travelers. Now it's up to you to find yours, good thinking!

Et if you are a fan of Greek islands, do not leave without having taken a tour of Crete.

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