Discover Catalonia: Correfoc Festival Tour (Fiery Race) from Barcelona

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Discover a different side of Catalonia on an evening excursion from Barcelona to a traditional 'correfoc' (fiery race) festival in a local village! Watch villagers dressed as devils ward off evil spirits as they dance to music and transform the village into a hotbed of lights and fireworks. It is a unique, authentic and unforgettable experience! Dance with the devils among the crowd or just watch the fire show. To ensure you receive personalized attention from your guide, this tour is limited to groups of no more than 14 people.

Meet your guide in central Barcelona and travel by luxury minivan to a village in the countryside or on the coast. During the trip, which lasts no more than XNUMX hours, learn about the history of correfocs and their place in Catalan tradition. Each festival is unique to the village where it occurs, so no correfoc is ever the same.
The very old Catalan tradition began in the XNUMXth century, under the name of el bal de diables (the dance of the devils). Stemming from medieval street theatre, the dance depicts the struggle of good over evil, and soon entire towns took part – with village centers decorated to represent hell and villagers dressed as devils.
Arriving in the village, you will be greeted by colorful street decorations and partying locals. Most of the festivals have hidden religious significance, and your guide will tell you about the Christian and pagan influences of these shows. The inhabitants are typically dressed in red and black with masks and horns, and carry effigies of dragons designed to ward off evil spirits. Take time to explore the village at your leisure, soaking up the atmosphere before the outdoor show begins.
The experienced native guide will show you the special outfits and clothes the 'devils' wear, how they light their sparklers and firecrackers, and explain the secrets and details behind this unique century-old tradition with strong ties to the history of the city. You can contemplate everything from the side lines or participate with the locals.
A correfoc usually lasts a few hours, and the spectacle consists of a dazzling fireworks display accompanied by drumbeats and folk music with tunes played on the gralla (Catalan flute). Local devils wave candles and throw firecrackers while dancing and running amid a shower of sparks. Stand back and watch the wild festivities with your guide, or join in and run with the devils among the crowds.
At the appointed time, return to your minivan for the relaxing journey back to Barcelona.

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