Dinner and tango show in Buenos Aires

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Participate in this essential tradition of Buenos Aires: a tango evening! The dinner and show combine a three-course meal with exciting music that showcases a dance style famous in Argentina. The show will take place in El Querandí, a historical place of tango dancing located in the San Telmo district, where you can eat, drink Argentine wines and forget yourself in the passion of tango.
Promotion! If you have already organized your dinner, visit the place to enjoy the magnificent tango show. Do not leave Buenos Aires without having discovered the art of tango.

Your tango evening will begin when you arrive at San Telmo's dedicated tango venue. Considered a “living proof of collective memory” by the Museum of the City of Buenos Aires, this place is a real historical site that will take you back to the tango years of the very early 1900s.
Before the show begins, enjoy a three-course Argentinean and international dinner paired with different wines and followed by coffee and a glass of sparkling wine. A sample menu is offered below; for each dish you will have the choice between many dishes.
If you've chosen the show only, settle into your seat in time for the show.
The show will start around 22:15 p.m.! Sit back and prepare to be blown away by the passionate nature of the stage performances. The show will take you on a journey from the early 1860s to the present day, a high point in the history of tango and Buenos Aires. While the musicians sing and play the accordion, piano, violin and double bass, four dancing couples will amaze you with their skills. They are some of the best dancers in town, so don't miss them!
Sample menu (your choice):
Meat rolls topped with eggs and vegetables
Assortment of cold meats
Crème brûlée with sun-dried tomatoes
seafood cocktail
Creole empenadas – Creamy seafood soup – Caesar salad – Avocado and chicken salad
Main course
Arugula gnocchi (potatoes, raw ham, cream, mozzarella and roquefort)
Green risotto with mushrooms (parmesan, red pepper, onion, spinach and cream)
Sole with pizza accompaniment (filetto sauce, mozzarella, potatoes and basil)
Provençal paupiette with chicken (carrots, cooked ham, parmesan, tomatoes, eggplant, filetto sauce and Tybo cheese)
T-bone steak (grilled with potatoes, onions, corn, tomatoes, green onions and red peppers)
Lamb stew with mushrooms (tomatoes, carrots, eggplant, red peppers and potatoes)
Homemade flan – Cream, peach and caramel syrup – Fruit salad
Ice cream
Red fruit trifle with chocolate biscuit
Rice cake

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