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Home of the automobile, Detroit is full of surprises

Like its “neighbor” Chicago, Detroit is not the most popular American city for tourists. However, the city of Michigan was the automobile capital of the world but also the cradle of Motown. From its boom years, there are still beautiful Art Deco buildings and the traditional motor show, every year in January.

But there are many other things to discover for lovers of music, museums, architecture, cinema ... Here are the main things to see and do on a short trip to Detroit.

Detroit Art Deco

From the heyday of the 1920s and 1930s, there are architectural testimonies of great beauty. When you walk in Downtown, the buildings are a true hymn to Art Deco.

We discover Griswold, Congress, Woordart with cornice facades, bas-reliefs, ceramics… Guardian Building is one of the most beautiful both inside and out. You can also take the People Mover, a kind of skytrain that crosses the city center.

Belle isle

This island in the middle of the Saint-Clair River is a haven of peace. We admire the oldest aquarium in the United States, all in green earthenware. We then head to the huge Anna Scripps Conservatory greenhouse which offers a view of nearby Canada.

Cliff Bell’s

This club opened in 1935. It is a real Detroit institution with typical 30s decor in the heart of the theater district. You can attend jazz concerts almost every evening.

Eastern Market

In the heart of Detroit, the halls of the 1920s welcome local fruit and vegetable vendors every Saturday. In hangars decorated with frescoes and graffiti, you can buy fresh products at unbeatable prices.

Midtown, the museum and theater district

It is in this district that Wayne State University and its huge campus are located, as well as the cultural and historical center with the Detroit Institute of Arts. The latter houses one of the largest art collections in the United States in a marvelous white marble building.

Detroit, Motor City

We visit the Ford Museum which covers more than 36 m² but also the Ford Piquette Plant which was the cradle of the Ford T in 000. We even discover Henri Ford's office preserved in its original state.

The revival of Detroit

Heidelberg Project is an abandoned street that comes back to life thanks to colors and recycled materials. It has become the rallying point for artists. Just like the Russel Industrial Center, a huge industrial complex transformed into a giant artist's studio. These two sites can be considered the cradles of 21st century Detroit.

For more information, visit the VisitDetroit site before your trip.

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