Darling Harbour: Sydney's old harbor and aquarium

"Darling Harbour" is one of the original and typical places of Sydney, which bears witness to the extent to which water is an integral part of the life and daily life of this city.

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This former warehouse area of ​​Sydney Harbor has been completely rehabilitated and is now established as a second important place in the city center.

The main activity in "Darling Harbour" is above all to go out; meet friends, go to a good restaurant or visit the many museums in the area.

It is also a very popular place for children, and gossips will tell you about Sydney's "new Disneyland" for its commercial and somewhat artificial aspect.

The port of “Darling Harbour”

Darling Harbor is built in a circle around the sea and the bridge, the "Pyrmont Bridge", which connects the two parts of the port.

It is a gathering place where many outdoor events take place on the occasion of Christmas, New Year's Day, National Day and other festivals.

The center of the complex is supposed to be a huge glass and metal shopping center that hosts many shops, restaurants and cinema, but the most enjoyable part is to walk or dine on the harbor and enjoy the gardens and green spaces .

The complex was developed in the 1980s and inaugurated in 1988 after many debates and financial contributions to complete the development of the site.

Today it hosts:

  • The excellent National Maritime Museum of Australia: finally a maritime museum installed directly on the water, you can visit all the boats moored in front of the museum pontoon,

  • The "Powerhouse Museum": very interactive, it is devoted to all technical inventions and natural phenomena. It is a very popular museum for children,

  • An Imax theatre: with a giant eight-storey screen and 3D screenings,

  • L'aquarium from Sydney

"Darling Harbour" also has a marina, Cockle Bay Marina, where you can moor your boat for a few days if you are lucky enough to arrive in Sydney by waterway and where you can admire very beautiful yachts and sailing boats. .

L'aquarium from Sydney

Do not enter! If the fall doesn't kill you, the crocodile will!

This world-famous attraction lives up to its reputation and is definitely worth a visit, especially if you don't have time to travel to the Barrier Reef or Australia's tropics.



The beginning of the exhibition will first immerse you in the habitat of the rivers and streams of certain states of Australia.

Do not miss, for example, the platypus aquarium, because it is surely your only chance to see them so close and so well!

This unique animal, which lives only in Australia, has very amazing characteristics:

it is the only oviparous mammal (which lays eggs to reproduce) in the world, it locates its prey by feeling the electrical energy emitted by their bodies, and despite its status as a terrestrial animal, spends 95% of its time under the water !

In other showcases, you can also admire the famous crocodiles of Crocodile Dundee and Northern Australia, as well as the little Australian penguins native to Victoria.

Finally, the second part of the trip consists of 3 giant aquariums in which you walk through tunnels, suspension bridges and numerous corridors with transparent walls.

The first aquarium is populated by sea lions, the second by coral sea sharks!

And the third of all the most colorful and impressive fish in Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

These human-sized aquariums are truly incredible and you have the impression of swimming among sharks, clown fish and sea turtles!

Useful information

"Darling Harbour" is located in the southwestern part of Sydney, beyond the "Pyrmount Bridge", which starts from the City.

You can get there by underground ('Star City' station on the blue line to Lilyfield), monorail ('Harbourside' station on the orange line) or much funnier by ferry or water taxi from 'Circular Quay'.

Darling Harbor official website

The Australian National Maritime Museum is open daily from 9 a.m. to 17:30 p.m.

Adresse : 2 Murray Street, Darling Harbour, +61 2 9298 3777.

The Powerhouse Museum is open daily from 10 a.m. to 17:30 p.m. Address: 500 Harris Street Ultimo, Darling Harbour, +61 2 9217 0111.

The Imax Theater offers screenings every day for films adapted to this largest giant screen in the world.

On site, the Sydney Aquarium is located in a temporary building east of the quay on the harbour.

It is open daily from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The prices are quite high, but the show is definitely worth it and there are reduced prices for students.

Aquarium de Sydney

Marjolaine Chaintreau © Azureva.com


Darling Harbor to Sydney Pass – Aquarium, Sydney Tower, Wildlife World, IMAX, Cruise and Monorail Tickets

See the best of Sydney and Darling Harbor on one ticket! You can view all attractions included on day one, or visit attractions on different days. This ticket will give you a fantastic insight into Sydney in all its glory!

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  • All entrance fees included
  • Discover the sites from a boat

The following is included in your 'Darling Harbor Experience Ticket':
Aquarium de Sydney:
Nowhere in the world will you find a larger collection of Australian aquatic life, with over 11.500 animals.

Matilda Cruise:
Board the Express Matilda Cruise Rocket Harbour, relax and enjoy the spectacular views of Sydney Harbour.

Jordans Seafood Restaurant:
Near the water, in the Grande Aussie, a seafood restaurant, you can have lunch or dinner at Jordans. You can taste, a starter or a main course and a dessert!

Tour de Sydney et Ride OzTrek:
The Sydney Tower takes you 250 meters above staggering Sydney, commanding breathtaking views of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. You can also see Oztrek, the largest simulated race in the Southern Hemisphere.

Monorail Metro Pass Day:
Enjoy unlimited rides every day viewing Darling Harbor, Chinatown and the City.

Imax Theatre:
Watch a movie anytime on a big Imax 3D screen at the Imax 2D Theater.

World Wildlife in Sydney:
A showcase of Australia's unique and bizarre flora and fauna. At this world-class exhibit, you can enjoy Australia's weird and wonderful creatures a lot.

Detailed schedule

Starting point :
Pier Aquarium, Darling Harbour. Sydney.

Departure time :

  • Aquarium de Sydney: 09h00-22h00
  • Tour de Sydney et Trek Oz: 09h00-22h30
  • World Wildlife : 09h00-22h00
  • Harbour Rocket Express: 10h30-16h30
  • Jordans Seafood Restaurant: You must call to make a reservation
  • IMAX Theater: 10:00 a.m.-22:00 p.m.
  • Monorail: Monday to Thursday: 07:00-22:00
  • Friday to Saturday: 07h00-12h00
  • Sunday: 08h00-22h00

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