Daintree: rainforests and coral reefs


Daintree and Cape Tribulation are 130 km north of Cairns and is arguably a leading example of eco-tourism in Australia.

This area is part of the "Wet Tropics", the humid tropical north of the state of Queensland.

The Daintree Rainforest is nearly 135 million years old and has been under UNESCO protection since 1988.

The challenge of this fragile region, which is home to very rare plants and animals, is to reconcile tourist development and environmental protection.

We can only encourage visitors to choose accommodation and service providers who are committed to an eco-tourism approach.

Our proposed activity: Bush walk in Daintree

Crossing the Daintree River by ferry, the dusty road winds through the tropical forest and the rugged terrain immediately puts you in the mood: you enter a region where nature reigns supreme.

To better understand the biological importance of the area, a visit to the Rainforest Discovery Center is a must, with its observation tower and suspension bridge.

There is no shortage of discovery hikes, with or without a guide, day or night (most animals are nocturnal).

If you go alone, stay on the marked trails! Sometimes the trails lead to beautiful natural pools like at Emmagen Creek.

Always obey the information signs and do not leave any litter behind.

It is possible to climb Mount Sorrow, just behind Cape Tribulation: it is not an easy hike but you will be rewarded with breathtaking views.

Many companies as well as the National Park offer very high quality guided hikes.

You may be lucky enough to come across a cassowary, the region's emblematic bird.

The Daintree coast is famous for its beautiful sandy beaches.

The best known is at Cap Tribulation but if you want to avoid the crowds, prefer that of Emmagen, 8 km to the north which will give you the feeling of being Robinson Crusoe.

Another pretty, relatively uncrowded beach is Cow Bay.

At Cape Tribulation, the Great Barrier Reef is only 45 minutes away by boat, enough to spend more time in the company of corals. Snorkelling or scuba diving day trips are available.

All types of accommodation are possible, from camping and dormitories in the middle of the forest to luxury hotels with swimming pools.

Depending on your desires, you can choose to travel by bus (there are regular services between Cairns and Cape Tribulation), by rental car (pay attention to rental restrictions for this area) or rent a bicycle or scooter on the spot.

Daintree and Cap Tribulation, between humid tropical forest and coral reefs, offers you the unforgettable experience of getting to know these fragile environments better in ideal accessibility and comfort conditions. But keep in mind that these backgrounds are very fragile and that you are only a guest there.


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