Culture Wales

Culture Wales

Men's choirs

Each village (or almost) has you at the tourist offices which will be able to guide you.
Among the most popular, the Treorchy Male Voice Choir. It meets on Monday and Thursday at 19 p.m., at Treorchy Primary School, Glyneoli Road, Treorchy. Please note, no performance in August.
Treorchy is in the Rhondda Valley, accessible by bus or car via the A4601 (24 miles from Cardiff or 29 miles from Swansea), or by train (30 mins) from Cardiff.

But the most successful choir in recent years is Only Men Aloud and its junior version Only Boys Aloud, 2 modern and professional versions of Welsh choirs. They perform on all stages or for all major events.

The Welsh Historic Monuments (Cadw) organization manages a number of castles and historic sites.

  • Welsh Historic Monuments (Cadw)

A good plan: the Explorer Pass. During 3 or 7 days, you visit as many sites of the organization as you want. Price: around £ 23 or £ 34 per person; reduction for 2 adults and families.


Famous Welsh figures

Wales saw naïmanche but which are chèbasse Bryn terfel (born in 1965), the crooners Tom Jones (born 1940) and Shirley Bassey (born in 1937) who performed several credits of James Bond, Mary hopkin (born in 1950), folk muse of the 60's (produced by the Beatles!), without forgetting the star of the 1980s with the hoarse voice Bonnie Tyler (born in 1951) or, more current, Duffy (born in 1984).

For the political world, we will remember David Lloyd George (1863-1945), 53rd Uni in DéJones (born 1984), Andy whitfield (1971-2011), the late muscular hero of Spartacus ...

In the world of letters, l & rsquo1935), author of the Seven Pillars of Wisdom, l & rsquo1990), à1953).
Concerning the painting, beautiful palette, with among others Charles Tunnicliffe (1901-1979), naturalist painter who vé2006).
And, for sports, a nice rugby scrum obviously, especially in the 1970s as well as the footballer Gareth Bale (born in 1989) or the navigator Alex thomson (born 1974), who fought valiantly for his 2nd place in the Vendée Globe in 2016.

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