Culture National Parks of the American West

Culture National Parks of the American West


Who is Native American?

The people respect American treaties.
In the long run, these marriages are not easy to manage: generation after generation, who can still be considered Indian?

Some tribes rely exclusively on a genealogical affiliation. Others impose a blood quota (1/4, 1/8, 1/16 ...) minimum in order to be considered as a member of the “nation”.
The stakes are sometimes high: those who no longer meet the criteria lose the droits what does belonging to the tribe confer! And this issue can be significant: the Osages Amerindians in Oklahoma thus discovered oil on their territory at the end of the 1906th century. From 1972 to 800, the royalties brought them XNUMX million dollars ...

In short, nothing n & rsquosols is home to some interesting raw materials.

Southwest Indians

C & rsquoMexico (or 10,9%, of the population) and 346 in Arizona (or 000%). Wyoming (5,3%), Utah (2,7%), Nevada (1,5%) and Colorado (1,7%) come far behind.

The most important group is that of Navajo (around 330), settled in Mexico. C & rsquoUnis, bigger than some Eastern States!
Their close cousins apache (70) occupy neighboring territories, as do the Hopis (15), whose territory is landlocked in the Navajo reserve.
To the north, in Utah, are the Paiutes (10 200), then the Shosones (8) in the Great Salt Lake area and the mountains of Wyoming.
Finally, there is a constellation of small tribes in southern Arizona, such as the Papagos (Tohono O'odham), the Pimas (Akimel O'odham) and the Yumas (Quechan), without forgetting the Havasupais on the shores of the Grand Canyon.

Northwestern New Mexico and ReMexico (Aztec Ruins, Chaco Culture).
Their Utah heyday, live 8 Ute - who gave their name ("land of the sun") to the State.
Further north, we find the Arapahoe, former allies of the Cheyennes and the Dakotas. This touches on the peoples of the plains who once visited the region through trade or raids. This is also the case for Comanches (13 500)

To perceive a little better these closed West worlds (Navajo, Zuni ...).

Native Americans and tourists

By crossing a role in small touches, without forcing the hand. Talk about the present, not the past. Quite often, the other person will kick in, especially if they see that your words are full of compassion - rarely appreciated. In short, be natural and careful, be tactful. A caution from Sioux.

Population: highest concentration of Indian tribes

Today we find Native Americans throughout the country, but the current distribution has nothing to do with that which prevailed before the arrival of Europeans. It obeys a simple rule: the Amerindians were driven back to arid lands, often difficult to access. No wonder, then, that the West is home to the highest concentration of reserves.

More and more Latinos

In the United States of America).
The census office even advances the hypothesis of a population of more than 100 million Hispanics by 2050 (25% of the population). Some speak of peaceful reconquest!

Despite a constant tightening of US migration policy, many Mexicans continue to cross the border, sometimes risking their lives. Some 400 people die on average each year trying to move to the USA.
In particular, the border fence wanted by the Bush team and then suspended by Barack Obama, a “wall” erected along the border. Donald Trump declared to extend it over the entire border (more than 3 km!) During his campaign. Funding for this project was refused by Congress, causing a political crisis. The president then announced economic sanctions on Mexico, just reaction from his government.

Meanwhile, the new administration has implemented a policy of " zero tolerance ". Not towards poverty, no, but towards migrants, who are systematically brought before a court and then expelled.
Yet, wetbacks, the “wet backs”, as they are called in reference to those who swim across the Rio Grande, continue to try their luck.

As is often the case, today the American is the basis of the agricultural economy of California and Texas.

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