Culture Israel, Palestine

Culture Israel, Palestine

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After the creation of the Hebrew state, iconic singers distinguished themselves, like Shoushana Damari and Yafa Yarkoni, later followed by the Dudaïm, a duo accompanied by romantic guitar. Then came the high priestess of the Hebrew song, Naomi Shemer (who interpreted compositions or poems from great classics such as Bialik, Tchernichovski, Rahel or Nathan Alterman), Israeli poetry being widely disseminated by the record.

For their part, the talented Yéhoudit Ravitz and Hava Alberstein resist time and fashions, just like Shlomo Artzi and Yehoram Gaon, considered to be icons.

We must also take into account the Andalusian sensitivity.

Still in the oriental, Turkish, Yemeni and North African style, are illustrated by Shimi Tavori, Boaz Shaarabi and Zehava Ben, whose melodies are repeated abroad.

Finally, let us quote the Bustan Abraham, where Jewish and Arab musicians happily mix their traditions.

Le protest singer Aviv Geffen combines a poetic message and provocation.

Always a co-composer with a very particular voice.
Le black metal rock, the most extremist, with a Satanist orientation, is also represented in Israel.


Since the end of the 1980s, Israeli cinema has shown unparalleled vitality and shines more and more around the world.

The 1950s and 1960s were first of all commercial films in Israel. Menahem Golan deals with sometimes dubious humor about relations between Ashkenazim and Sephardic in so-called “Borekas” films.

Then these melasfari, where the latter denounce the antagonisms specific to Israeli society shared between East and West, emphasizing superstition, domestic violence and sacrifice.

Then came the cinereligious. Amos Gitaï and Ouri Barabash represent this major current.

We know the filmmaker well in France Amos Gitai, deeply marked by his mother born in Israel to a founding family of the Labor Party. During the Yom Kippur War, Amos Gitaï films her with a Super 8 camera. His reports are regularly censored because they are considered too pro-Palestinian.

A long stay in Paris followed where Gitaï studied the themes of exile and emigration. Gitaï then denounces the inconsistencies of his battered land and tackles the recurring problem of violence against women.

Do not forget the Nepalese, by a director who claims her dual Jewish and Arab culture. He received the Spirit of Freedom Award for Documentary Film in Jerusalem in 2004.

Some of the documentaries include D & rsquoYves Labat de Rossi, gone to Israel Palestine, bring together musicians of all faiths on both sides of the wall around a project to tour France in 2006.

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Children start their school day by singing the national anthem “Fida'i” (my redemption). The adults opt for a gentle awakening with the voice of Fairouz, a divine Lebanese singer who has sung Jerusalem better than anyone. In the evening, we prefer Oum Kalthoum, the great Egyptian diva.

Street Art

For street artists, the separation wall is a huge blank page. As in Berlin or Belfast, this separation has become freedom of expression. On the concrete have sprung up imaginary or real characters, slogans, breaches and dreamlike landscapes in trompe l'oeil.

Among the best-known and most original works, let us quote the immense black and white portraits of the French artist JR and his Swiss sidekick Marco, who in 2007 set up the “Face2Face” project, or how to put side by side Palestinians and Israelis to abolish differences.
With Inside Out, JR proposed to Palestinians and Israelis to photograph themselves and to display themselves very large on both sides of the wall. Impossible to ignore the other and his humanity.

But those who "redraw" the wall are not unanimous because to divert its primary goal is to erase its inhuman character and to cover with colors the symbols of oppression it represents.


Palestinian cinema is relatively young in comparison with Arab cinema (especially Egyptian). But in recent decades, it has gained momentum and gained some international recognition.

Foreign directors are also interested in Palestine.

Conflict, epicenter of cinematographic creation

The Israeli-Nepalese relations constitute a large source of inspiration for these clichés conveyed by the media.

If the films are shot locally, the successful Palestinian directors almost all reside abroad, from where they can more easily raise the necessary funds to finance their projects. They meet with some international success.

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