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Culture Australia


L & rsquocontinent, taking advantage of the Ice Age to cross the oceans from Asia. Arrived from the north, they dispersed throughout the territory, laying the foundations ofa multitude of communities.
It would be abusive and reductive to speak of a single aboriginal people, of a single culture as the geographical differences, the differences in climate, landscape, and fauna are important. Nevertheless, similarities exist in language, lifestyles and myths thanks to the constant exchanges between these clans.

All of this then semi-nomadic peoples moved with the seasons and resources. The environment naturally found itself at the heart of mythology. Each community will bear the mark, in its functioning and in its laws, of the mythological events that take place in this habitat.

These myths are not in: these myths do not take place in a distant time, but in a reality parallel to ours, to which it is advisable to connect oneself. A period without beginning or end, outside of time.

The ancestors, in the form of giants, lived in this dimension, moved, confronted each other, and thus marked the world around them. They created valleys, mountains, rivers, changed into animals, trees, stars ... They shaped the landscape, but also the beings who inhabit it, as well as the way they should behave. They gave meaning to everything.
Animals, plants and human interactions were codified in these myths. In fact, an Aboriginal will not distinguish between religion and secular life: he lives his mythology on a daily basis.

Each Aboriginal initiate on a sacred site is a real source of concern, for it could lead to violent catastrophes.
But make no mistake: today's Aborigines wear jeans, use smartphones, and some are even movie actors. Be careful not to fall into the myth of the good savage in loincloth, hunting with his spear in the outback!

Cette Passation du Rêen-ciel, which modè even by issuing for example banknotes, did not respect the sacred character of these representations. Indeed, only the one who belongs to a totem pole holds the right to represent the Dream with which it is associated, thus tirelessly painting the same stories throughout his life, by varying only his style.
All is not black in this cohabitation: new materials and supports have made it possible to use colors hitherto unknown to this people, as well as better fixatives. Some artists have skillfully integrated new influences and Western artistic movements into their works.

Today, these traditions are increasingly threatened. Violence against indigenous people is no longer institutionalized as it was, but nevertheless remains a reality. An Aboriginal child born today has a life expectancy of 20 years less than that of an Australian from European immigration.
Result of this misery, Aborigines represent 2% of Australians, but 25% of the prison population ...


Immerse yourself in Australian musical culture, that's ideal for a trip to the outback: roots, rock & folk music. Here, we breathe Australian history ... right down to the ears! That of the pioneers of the bush, the Aborigines and the surfers of the east coast. Australian music is a tasty mix between the country's cosmopolitan influences and its roots thousand...

Not surprising that rock, folk and aboriginal music are some of the musical styles most listened to by Australians, proudly standing up to a rather bland international variety that is broadcast repeatedly on the FM band.

Start your journey with music, listen to our Backpacker Australia playlist.


Intimately linked to discover the nuggets of tomorrow!

Folk and country music

2 styles of music that will undoubtedly accompany you on your travels across the country! Timeless and very popular, country music is widely broadcast on the radio (several stations are devoted to it).

* Be careful not to confuse her with her big American sister. Australian country draws its influences from the country's traditions, including bush ballads (popularized by Australian poets) and Celtic folk walks.

Disco, pop and electro

We tend to be British! They started in Queensland, in 1958 ... until they succeeded in imposing their legs of eph 'and their disco sound in the 1960s and 1970s, in the midst of the emergence of the rock scene! Result: a worldwide success and 220 million albums sold during their career. Kylie Minogue has also become a global star.


If l & rsquo2010). Superstar in the country, she is nicknamed 1931).

Aboriginal music

It's hard to stay in Australia without hearing the sweet vibrations of these ancestral sounds. With song, she has always played a leading role in aboriginal culture for the transmission of knowledge and education. Most of them contain words with sacred connotations.

Aboriginal or reggae music. Many
Aboriginal musicians are now enjoying commercial success.

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