Culture and traditions Picardy

Culture and traditions Picardy

Gothic in Picardy

Gothic art offered to Quentin, Saint-Vulfran abbey in Abbeville).
In the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries, Picardy benefited from a significant economic boom. The religious power, eager to assert its power, including against the royal and seigniorial powers, raises funds to build buildings to the glory of Catholicism. Romanesque art is running out of steam, and the appearance of vaults and ribbed vaults - architectural constructions typical of Gothic - makes it possible to raise churches higher.

Simple Gothic that can be found in the cathed '& oeligDame d'Amiens, the deepest in the world (we would stay there twice in Notre-Dame-de-Paris).
But the architects will want to do even more: it will be the failure of Beauvais. Wanted by the canons to compete with Amiens, it collapsed several times ... However, at 48 m, it remains the highest under vault, the record in Gothic history.

- Chronology of cathé 1235), Senlis (1151-1191), Laon (1150-1235), Soissons (de1288), Beauvais (start of works - never finished - in 1247). The great plan for amateurs: visit them in chronological order.

Architecture and habitat

Côde-France. In the north, as in Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Belgium, the Red brick remains the fundamental element of today's constructions, even if it did not appear seriously until the XNUMXth century.

There are of course variants: half-timbered towards the Norman side, resembling northern settlements in the valley of the Somme, for example ... Amiens house is characteristic of the Picardy capital: very narrow, with several levels.
In Thiérache, brick churches are doubled by surprising fortifications, aimed at repelling invaders.

To this brick dominance are added local peculiarities.

On the Côles-Bains or in Le Crotoy, the "windows and loggias" are typical of Belle ÉValery-sur-Somme.
In Thiérache, it is the blue stone which is used in addition to the red brick.

South of the Picardy plateau, red brick gives way to en-Valois and in the villages of the RéSaint-Léonard natural park).

The Picard language

The Picard language is the spoken language Pas-de-Calais.

Today in full revival thanks to the action of associations, academics or elected officials, many of its expressions continue to be spoken and transmitted in the north of France, without its users being well aware that they are words of 'another language than French. It must also be said that these expressions are often very colorful and crisp, even translated.

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