Culture and traditions Franche-Comté

Culture and traditions Franche-Comté

Architecture: the art of Vauban

Worried about the little resistance that, except in Besançon, the Comtois, in 1674, had opposed to his troops (the region was weary of wars), Louis XIV asked his favorite fortifier to bast the citadels.

In Belfort, then Alsatian, Sébastien Le Prestre de Vauban replaced the medieval walls with a star with acute angles, anchored to the red sandstone escarpment and sealed by towers, 2 pink brick enclosures and 4 ditches, of which no enemy, ever, was born. 'came to the end.

Capital of the province, Besançlunes. TéDoubs, the castle of Joux.



While quartz technology once transformed a luxury object - into a daily consumer product, lovers of fine metropolitan areas came to find refuge in the only country which, in the 1970s, was able to resist the invasion of watches to some extent. Japanese quartz.
Until there, Jura watchmaking prospered on both sides of the border, the Swiss opening workshops in Besançon, the French Protestants emigrating to the valley of Joux, in the canton of Vaud, which would become, 2 centuries later, a laboratory of mechanical performance.

L & rsquomatin. In the XNUMXth century watchmaker, who spent the winter shaping his pieces, came that of large units, of which Lip was a symbol for a long time.

Specomtoises! Lip has been back since 2014 (for l & rsquovente pour l & rsquoFrères, a company over 150 years old, has become the world's leading manufacturer of watch winders.

Large brands and subcontractors, these companies form the entire Lake chain, BesançDoubs in its part that the Schlumberger group (which manufactures these parking meters dear to the heart of the urban motorist) and the Micronora trade fair, is projected as the capital of microtechnology ...

Wood sector

The vast and deep forest plantations around Pontarlier, Champagnole, the Austrian or German balloon plant which, of course, work for less.
The other threat comes from China, which buys the region's oak trees in trunks to resell them in Europe in the form of furniture. A shame.

Remains the biggest furniture factory of Saône) which works for a well-known Swedish designer.

La réClaude remains the capital of the pipe, even if the noble art of the bouffarde does not recruit today any more outside a circle of backpackers, writers, psychoanalysts and other dandies of the smoke ...
Even more than the cigar, the pipe classified her man. You had to know how to stuff it, light it, smoke it in small puffs without it going out, put it to cool, cure it ... To these operations of an unnamed complexity responded the virtuosity of the master turners, skilled to sculpt such famous profile as to perform the 55 operations required for a most ordinary pipe.


Almost half of the toys made in France are made in Jura. Until the 1960th century, woodturners were content to shape pins and hoops. Later, the workshops popularized the painted iron toy. In the 91s, the prosperous businesses of Moirans took the turn of plastic and mechanization. If the toys are made of plastic for XNUMX% of them, the manufacturer of wooden toys Vilac ensures the transmission of the heritage.

The Comtois toy mobilizes some 2 employees and generates a turnover of more than 000 million euros. Smoby, Jura pride, almost disappeared, but the last manufacturer of French toys of industrial size, thanks to German capital, has relocated firmly to the Jura.


Last local particularism: glasses. The curlers of France have their Mecca at Morez. If the glasses come from the Paris region, this small Jura town has been treating frames since their invention in 1796, here by a nail maker.

In the XNUMXth century. Its heBillet: they manufacture for the general public, but also for well-known brands (Manoukian, Nina Ricci, Lacoste, Boucheron ...). Some have even pushed their pawns into micromechanics ...

To counter the Italian and Chinese competition, Morez s & rsquoil. With its 2 local employees, the most sinistréboom ”of the 400s ...

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