Culture and traditions Aquitaine - Bordelais, Landes

Culture and traditions Aquitaine - Bordelais, Landes


All of this new towns of the Middle Ages andorganize land use in the countryside while bringing together very scattered populations.

These bastides are today superb witnesses of the medieval past, open-air museums where one strolls with delight. Go stroll under the arcades of their square, home to all kinds of shops. Know that you do not visit a country house like a castle or an abbey. Here, the beauty, sometimes hidden, is earned.

In short, all difféOuest.

Paths of Santiago de Compostela

The diffeJacques where the relics of one of the most important apostles of Jesus, James, died as a martyr around the year 35.

It was in 800 that a hermit, guided in a dream by a star, found the saint's tomb. The name of Compostela would also come from campus stellae: field of the star ... From the tenth century, pilgrims from all over Europe came to meditate on its relics.

Over the years, pilgrims have joined Roman art lovers and hikers, and today the paths fill up during pilgrimage and during holidays. It must be said that the Santiago de Compostela routes, a framework for spiritual renewal, are also of a beauty and historical interest that are worth the detour: cultural and religious exchanges and the need to accommodate a large number of pilgrims have favored since the Middle Ages the development of towns and monuments along the way.

Marked out-Velay, in Arles and in Tours. Since 1998, the course has been classified as World Heritage.
Whether you are setting off on foot, on horseback or on mountain bike, whether you are walking the length of the road or for the last few kilometers only, keep your eyes open so as not to miss the beauties encountered on the way: a super welcoming innkeeper, a church romance lost in the countryside, fields as far as the eye can see, and often very beautiful encounters ...

Regional languages

Aquitaine belongs to the vast historical domain of the languages ​​of oc. Small reminder: in the Middle East (corresponding globally to et-Garonne. The north of the Gironde, to the east of the estuary, historically falls under the Occitan domain, but, today, it is the saintongeais, belonging to the Oïl languages, which is established.

Périgord truffle (black diamond)

Today it is the dog who searches for the famous mushroom, for the pleasure (and good fortune) of his master. “Black diamonds” have become so rare and expensive that it is best not to be wrong. The Périgord is one of the richest truffle centers in France with Comtat Venaissin (and Quercy, of course!).

The péfaire and respect for authentic products.

The reading of the black truffle genome by INRA should also limit black truffle fraud, the genetic markers now making it possible to determine the geographical origin!

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