Culture and Arts Tasmania

Culture and Arts Tasmania

Arts and literature

Tasmania is a small state with a recent history, but she likes to showcase it. We cannot speak of a specifically Tasmanian artistic tradition. However, the soft light, the exceptional landscapes of the island, the presence of natural raw materials just ask to be worked.

There are a large number ofcontemporary artists - painters, woodcarvers, etc. - and artisans who open their gallery or workshop to the public. This is particularly true in Hobart (Salamanca Place), Launceston, Richmond or even Strahan.

Cultural life takes pride of place, especially in Hobart. The Royal Theater, Australia's oldest operating theater, is the setting for theatrical performances, of course, but also for concerts by international artists, ballets, etc.

The capital is also home to a symphony orchestra whose reputation has crossed borders, the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, which we have heard in other states of Australia, but also in Asia and North America.

Richard Flanagan, one of Australia's most esteemed writers, is Tasmanian. It is also on the island that the plot of his novels unfolds, which have earned him several prestigious Australian literary prizes. Some have been translated into French: À Contre-current, Le Livre de Gould, Dispersés par le vent.


Most museums and public galleries are free.

The two main ones, for their collections of aboriginal, colonial and contemporary art, are the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery in Hobart, and the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery in Launceston.



For Australian and international news, we find the national daily, The Australian, all over Tasmania.

Other daily newspapers, distributed locally, deal more specifically with Tasmanian news, even if the main international news is also discussed. The Mercury, which airs in Hobart and the South, is the best-selling; the same press organ publishes a weekly every Sunday, Sunday Tasmanian, he also read a lot. In the north, The Examiner is published in Launceston and The Advocate at Burnie.

There are other publications here and there, weekly and more confidential, such as the Roseberry Western Herald, the Huon Valley News, the King Island Courier or the Hobart Gazette.

TV and radio

Some channels broadcast on the mainland are not broadcast in Tasmania. But conversely, local resorts can be found on the island. The national channel ABC has regional stations, radio and TV, in Tasmania.

Some of the Tasmanian chains include Southern Cross, Win, and TDT.

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