Culture and Arts Iran

Culture and Arts Iran


Persian architecture is closer to that found in Central Asia and India than that of other Muslim countries.

The structure of the buildings is refined, the ornamentation is very rich. They are covered with multicolored ceramics representatives of flowers or calligraphy. Blue dominates, and the domes seem to blend into the sky. There is always a certain number of recurring elements, such as an interior courtyard, arcades, iwans (vaulted rooms opening onto the courtyard).

The latter finds himself edifying a niche oriented towards Mecca. The often imposing gate of the mosque is called Pishtaq.

The cities of the old Silk Road are also home to caravanserais, the oldest date back to the Seljuks, some have now been converted into hotels, such as the Abassi hotel in Isfahan.

It's here poetry which largely dominates the literature. The Iranians worship classical poets, ardent defenders of Persian culture. Many streets or establishments refer to Ferdosi, Omar Khayyam, or to the two great personalities from the city of Shiraz, Saadi and Hafez, whose mausoleums are true places of pilgrimage. Many poems are related to religion, intellectuals converted to Islam after the Arab conquest.

Among the & oelignamah (the book of kings) in which Ferdosi (10th century Hafez, 500 ghazals (love songs) of the great Hâfez (14th century), whose name means "one who knows the Koran".


Persian painting dates back to the 14th century).

Three painters excelled in this field: Mir Sayyid Ali, Kamaleddin Behzadand and Mihr 'Ali, laying the foundations of Persian painting.

The art of calligraphy Kufic, imported from the Arabian Peninsula, is widely used, especially on religious buildings.


Carpets have held the ground for millennia: it is said that the tomb of Cyrus the great at Pasagardae was covered with luxurious rugs.

Even today, upholsterers make them by hand in Hamadan, Na'in, Kashan, Tabriz, Tehran, Shiraz, Yazd, Mashhad or Qom… Each city has its specificity and its patterns.

Rugs are not just decorative elements, they are also an outward sign of wealth (some are made entirely of silk) and are used for prayer. An ordinary carpet has 30 knots per cm². From 50 knots, they will be of better quality and more resistant.

D & rsquolits or other printed textiles originating in Isfahan, or the marquetry (khatam) which developed in the Safavid courtyards to adorn small boxes, accompanied by paintings, or on the frames of miniatures, which often recount the adventures of the court.


Although officially banned, modern standards enter via satellite and the Internet and circulate widely under the mantle. We have even seen young Iranians on the internet defy censorship and make a remake of Pharell Williams' Happy video.

La traditional music is on the other hand totally “Islamically correct”! It is often a poetry accompanied by instruments such as the tar (cousin of the Indian sitar), the dahol and the zarb (percussion), the kamancheh (violin) and the daf and daryereh (tambourines).


Author cinema has helped lift the veil on modern Iranian society, its favorite theme being the daily life of Iranians, often highlighting the schizophrenia of the system, which attracts directors and actors to the wrath of local authorities.

We remember that in 2014, the kiss from Gilles Jacob, president of the Cannes festival, and Leila Hatami, the heroine of A Separation and member of the jury, earned the actress severe criticism from the government.

Often awarded in international competitions, the Jafar Panahi, Abbas Kiarostami, Mohsen and Samira Makhmalbaf have little resonance in their own country.

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