Culture and Arts Dubai

Culture and Arts Dubai

Dubai's skyscrapers

Dubai, where dozens of grandiose projects stand, is a concentrate of architectural follies and delusions, renowned for their daring. For lovers of futuristic facades and Disneyland-style hotel complexes, Dubai offers a fine sample and a prime destination.

On the seaside, at the end of Jumeirah Road, the stars, 52 floors for 321 m of antenna height), in the shape of a dhow sail inflated by the wind. With some 200 luxury suites, panoramic restaurant and upscale interior, the Burj Al Arab has become the landmark of Dubai and the most photographed hotel in the UAE.

La Burj Khalifa (formerly called Burj Dubai) was inaugurated in 2010. It is one of the tallest buildings in the world.
It rises to 828 m (height of the spire), thus exceeding the Shanghai Tower (632 m), the One World Trade Center in New York (546 m), and the Tapei 101 in Taipei (509 m).
The Burj Khalifa is located in the heart of the Downtown Burj Khalifa district. Luxury apartments, offices, boutiques, hotels, library, swimming pools and spas occupy the interior of the Burj Khalifa tower. On the 124th floor, you can take in the city with your eyes from an observation platform.

An air of Manhattan blows over downtown Dominica above the business district and symbols of the emirate's economic breakthrough, or the Empire State Building-shaped tower of the Fairmont Hotel...

Le Jumeirah Beach Hotel is a huge building in the shape of a giant wave, and the Jumeirah Madinat a hotel complex comprising a small restored Venetian city with its canals and gondolas.

Parks and leisure complexes

Influenced by American culture, Dubai has launched the creation of mega leisure complexes with attractions, water rides, hotels and restaurants: Legoland park, Bollywood park, Motiongate park ... We also speak of a shopping center for Chinese products (DragonMart ), enriched with a residential complex, an astronomical observatory ...

Among the other follies in the pipeline, a covered city regulated, between shopping center, amusement park and city within the city

Let us also quote the Meydan One, a tourist and residential project, thought to be a project without equal in the world.

Shopping centers (malls)

Commercial centers, Dubai is working on the construction of a new gigantic mall: the Mall of the World is designed less as a shopping center than as a city within a city, pedestrianized and air-conditioned.

Artificial islands and archipelagos

- Palm Islands, these springs forming date palms seen from the sky, are in reality peninsulas. Palm Jumeirah and Palm Jebel Ali are already built, theBluewaters Island is under construction, with its Ferris wheel planned to be the largest in the world (210 m), while the Deira Islands are still in the pipeline. Ultimately, this project should add 450 km of beach to the current 50 km.
These artificial sand islands bring together hotels, residential villas, seaside apartments, marinas and even amusement parks. Only the construction of the Jumeirah Palm archipelago has been completed (since 2009).

Always in search of a bang, Dubai has also undertaken the development of 300 small artificial islands reproducing the world map 4 km from the coast. Started in 2003, the construction of this leisure complex called The World was stopped following the financial crisis of 2008. Today, the work on the archipelago is still not completed. Few islands are inhabited, and those which are have been invested by extremely wealthy owners.

Cultural sites

Dubai or at least what's left of it.

Culture Village

A village of the Orient and of quarters, dance, music, pottery ...). The project also includes shops for crafts and contemporary design.

Dubai Museum

Located in Bur Dubai in the oldest district, the Dubai Museum is located in Fort Al Fahidi (built at the end of the XNUMXth century). Thanks to a modern scenography and a faithful reconstruction of the past, this museum traces the daily life of the emirate before the oil era and looks back on the meteoric rise of the emirate into modernity. Very well done, it offers a dive into the authentic history of Dubai, the time of the Bedouins and pearl fishermen.

Jumeirah Mosque

Situemusulmans for guided tours allowing them to discover Islam.

Dubai Opera

At the foot of the Burj Khalifa, a 2-seat lyric theater was inaugurated in 000. It hosts philharmonic concerts, musicals, ballets and dance performances. Modular, it must also be able to transform into a banquet room or an exhibition space.

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