Culture and arts Auvergne

Culture and arts Auvergne


In the Puy-de-Dô, recalled by the châ, remains engraved in their genes, and the interminable winter does not allow any loss.

This cast iron stove top. In one corner, a gigantic fireplace shelters the inglenook fireplace, a winter refuge from yesteryear, whose andirons with displays kept the soup warm.

Winter vision, vision of you, if you read us at the Celigen-Velay of the paces of God relives the time of a festival, when the villages along the gorges come alive ...

Romanesque art in Auvergne

It was believed that Romanesque art was European. In Auvergne, he is Auvergne. The statues of the Virgin are there as black as coal. The churches too. The nave is hollow like a tunnel. Its walls line up with large arches, which have hardly changed since Charlemagne. The capitals are carved with terrifying, incredibly archaic figures: saints, demons, apocalypse beasts. To enter this world of silence and nudity, no or few monumental entrances, but the discretion of a side door. On the outside, a dozen domes overlap in a fan pattern as far as the arcades of the octagonal bell tower, mitred with a sharp pencil point.

The stars of the genre are in Ferrand (Notre-Dame-du-Port), in Austremoine, where Nectaire, Saint-Saturnin, Le Puy-en-Velay, Mauriac, the extraordinary abbey of La Chaise-Dieu ... as well as in n any hamlet.

Regional languages

French was introduced very early in this Auvergne cut off from the South by the mountains, through the intermediary of the upper classes of society. For a long time, the people of Auvergne jealously preserved their dialect. Over time, daily contact between social classes has caused a crossbreeding between these languages.

The dialects of L & rsquommes derived from Latin, Auvergne, like most dialects of the South, was directly inspired by ancient Latin. For example, “fontaine”, a French word derived from the Latin fons through its derivative fontana, is said to be fouan in Auvergnat.

L & rsquoManche. Celtic and German have also provided various terms, such as leide (ugly), which comes from the German leid. Disconcerting multilingualism for a region enclosed in its mountains, with a reputation for frenzied conservatism.

Auvergne also suffered theinfluence of english language : Aquitaine, very close, belonged to the Dukes of Anjou (the PlantagenêManche. Celtic and German also provided various terms. Disconcerting multilingualism for a region enclosed in its mountains, with a reputation for frenzied conservatism.

Auvergne has a number of dialects. These idioms are very similar and can be classified into three main types. The Brivadois is spoken in the Haut Allier, the limanian in the lower Allier. The Dorian is, as its name suggests, the dialect of the Dore valley.

Finally, here are some little "tips": the Auvergnats change garlic et al into au. At the beginning of words, the Latin c (like that of carus) becomes ts (carus gives tsar). The Auvergne people use a lot of diphthongs. Often, they do not put a personal pronoun in front of the verb.

Allier heritage

Cradle of 8 kings of France, the Allier is home to:

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