Cuisine, gastronomy and drinks Lyon and its surroundings

Cuisine, gastronomy and drinks Lyon and its surroundings

Lyon has proclaimed itself the capital of gastronomy. If we judge by the quantity of toques which starred the region, by the quality of the products available (that's the secret) and by the passionate love of Lyonnais for cooking, this title is probably not usurped.

Where to eat in Lyon?

The table in Lyon was for a long time like these sometimes century-old corks, where traditional local dishes were served: andouillette, sapeur apron (breaded veal strawberries), hot sausage, quenelles, cervelle de canut (white cheese with Herbs) ... Obviously, some have pushed the "stopper" a little too far, on the gruff welcome side and dirty atmosphere, but there are really typical places, back in the current trend by their reassuring side, or taken up by chefs, teams bringing their touch of modernity without distorting its spirit.

See below), women who have disappeared, from adopted quofils of these good mothers, grown up in famous schools or returned to the country after a world tour or a TV show that will have made them famous, which will make you love the city, with their current cuisine, often creative, always enthusiastic. A kitchen at the top of what is happening in the world today. The one that has made Lyon, in 10 years, the city where there is something new every day at the table. Fresh, locavore, prepared with panache, at attractive prices for lunch on weekdays.

The great chefs of Lyon

We always take so much pleasure in Dieu du-Rhône, 46 cl native bottles.

Chefs from all over the world gathered in January 2018 to pay homage to the pope of gastronomy. Long before his death, Paul Bocuse had already entered the legend. He had brought many of those he had trained out of their kitchen, before trying, in vain for some, to bring them back there, when they had taken the big head and spent more time on the plane or on TV sets only to cook.

Bocuse (Monsieur Paul!) Largely contributed to placing Lyon leader of French gastronomy, but also international, by giving birth to vocations in Asia, Europe and South America.


Lyon corks

There begins the gastronomy of Lyon, in the days of horses and stagecoaches. A place of passage between the North and the South, the Alps and the Massif Central, Lyon has always been an essential stopover for people and animals. But contrary to popular belief, the stopper is not a place where horses had their paunch "corked" with a bale of straw. What is certain is that the cuisine was already authentic.

Today (au feu in Lyonnais dialect), potato salad, canut brain, sapper apron, quenelles, etc.
As for the reception, already, it could be rough!

Two labels separate restaurants promote the restaurants that perpetuate the Lyon cork tradition. The association for the defense of Lyonnais corks awards the “authentic Lyonnais stopper” label, while the Lyon chamber of commerce and industry created the “Lyonnais Bouchons” brand in 2012. These 2 associations (recognizable by their sticker affixed to the doors of establishments) bring together caps that meet certain criteria: product quality, reception, hygiene. Our selection includes some, without systematism.


With the avèville, in order to feed the workers, and in particular the silk workers. They also had to adapt to the schedules of this new clientele - powerful boss - were part of the same family, and everything went smoothly, without menu or prices indicated) could stretch in length and sometimes came just before lunch. And we began again the round of salad bowls, traditional containers for multiple starters.

The mothers

So here are our Lyonnais at the table, but far from the research and finesse of gastronomy. As a result of bankrupt bourgeoisie, large families had to part with their cooks in the first half of the 1th century. Some of them, who mastered the preparation of food much better than the innkeepers, set up on their own and put their skills at the service of public catering.
Thus, everyone could discover the subtleties of the chicken in a bladder, the rolled calf's head, the beatilles (crests, gizzards, livers, roosters' hearts served in stew), cardoons with marrow or liver cake. poultry.

Mother Brazier, Mother Pompon, Mother Caron, so many names that resonate in the stomachs of gourmets. These mothers kept the table permanently open for the companions of the Tour de France. This generation of women gave the impetus to the birth of true and wonderful Lyonnaise cuisine.
For all, whether bourgeois or daughters of the people, the meal had to be simple but perfect.

Lyon products

It is in the richness of the surrounding terroirs that réMarcellin, the pigs of Dauphinédu-Rhône. And everywhere, scrupulous producers who rain down their marvels on the city.

Lyon specialties

- The sausage at The rosette: it is one of the many variations of the sausage. The I Cervelas: this kind of sausage, smooth and Lyon salads: nothing good The sapper apron: by formal and chromatic analogy to the leather apron worn by sappers to protect The fat-double: one of the great classics of the ma The gratons: fried pork fat then ségueules in some caps.
- Lyon andouillette: the local andouillette is not made The quenelles (pronounce " Canut's brain: essential and inimitable, this white cheese beaten with fresh cream, vinegar and olive oil, to which we add chopped garlic, chives, parsley and shallot, then a drop of white wine from the Lyonnais hillsides.

- Cheeses : if the saint-marcellin has reached féd'or (a chè Strong cheese: not a cheese, but cheeses. Set of rogatons that we put in a pot, that we sprinkle with white wine and that we forget.

- The pogne: Dauphiné specialty that the Lyonnais have declined in several forms, from brioche bread topped with candied fruit to rustic fruit tart which can be, in winter, a squash or pumpkin tart.

- The papillote: candy (chocolate, pea The praline tart: a pa The bugne: also called auricle or carnival donut. Pastry fried in oil, crunchy or soft, sprinkled with sugar. They are cut with a spur-shaped wheel.


Beaujolais actually begins in the very south of Burgundy. It is et-Loire.

The 12 Beaujolais appellations

Beaujolais wines are all produced under the AOC regime (appellations of controlled origin). They must meet, in a delimited area, very specific grape variety, yield and production conditions. Beaujolais is 99% a red wine, which produces around one million hectoliters divided into three major AOC families :

  • at the bottom of the scale, a regional AOC, the Beaujolais ;
  • at the 1st evillages ;
  • and at the top, a vintage AOC which brings together the 10 wines : brouilly, chéde-brouilly, flowery, juliéàvent, re-love.

Twelve wines in all, each occupying a devillage territory and the last quarter distributed among the 10 crus.

Note that we never pronounce the final “s” of a Beaujolais wine. We say "juliéna" and not "juliénas", "chéna" and not "chénas".

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