Cuisine, gastronomy and drinks Châteaux de la Loire

Cuisine, gastronomy and drinks Châteaux de la Loire

Gastronomic specialties

The secret of this land of plenty is the Loire and the large hydrographic network that waters it. A river teeming with fish, bordered by fertile market garden valleys and hillsides where small fresh wines thrive. Geographical and historical center of France, the region can also count on wheat from Beauce, game from Sologne and Berry breeding.

It follows a cuisine with so many benefits, the best fruits on the earth. A cuisine of heart and reason, which smells of the civilized countryside.

- Lamb under the mother Asparagus  Stuffed carp: the ritual of the stuffed carp was practiced for the Carnival, fê Fouace: hollow, warm, filled bun Cheeses from chèmaure-de-touraine, pouligny-saint-pierre, valençsur-cher, all classified saint-pierre and valençsur-cher is a chèmaure, it is truncated in shape, crossed Madeleine: in Combray, aunt LéJacques to remind us that the village was on the road to Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle.
- Mentchikoff: this confectionery is a spénoisette, coated Honey from Gâ Pithiviers : this big pa White butter fish: Angevin or Nantes, this meadow Poacher's pot-au-feu: there were only Solognots to invent this simmered wild rabbit Praline: Minister of Louis XIII, the Duke of Praslin, offered the ladies of the Court a treat designed Rillettes and rillons: the most Tarte Tatin: gourmets passing through Sologne do not miss the pèBeuvron, the capital of the miraculous tart.


Formerly modest and charming, the wines of the Loire have gained popularity and are attracting the Loire Valley. Of course, it is on the spot, in the cellar or in the shade of some arbor, that you have to taste these fresh, lively and good-breed wines.

It is also an opportunity to take an interest in "Vineyards and discoveries" label, which promotes tourist destinations attached to their vineyard and anxious to make it discover through quality services, linked to wine tourism (accommodation, catering, tastings, visits ...). The label is awarded for 3 years.
In the Routard Châteaux de la Loire (Touraine and Berry), several destinations are labeled.

- Chinon: sauvignon and cabernet franc make the happiness of these robust wines Coteaux-du-Giennois: little cost in Loire and Gien. Dry whites of cé Orlécléclé Pouilly: whites from Chasselas (smoky Reuilly: this small appellation is divided between whites (Sancerre type sauvignon), pinot noir reds and rosé Sancerre: sauvignon blanc can work miracles of distinction and finesse with fruity wines Touraine: a polymorphous appellation, especially marquéazay-le-rideau (white), touraine-noble-jouamboise and touraine-mesland (reds made from cabernet and gamay) séchenonceaux ré Valenç Vouvray: dry, the premises le démaure-de-touraine and rillons. Soft, it accompanies foie gras and desserts.

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