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In each port, a curiosity to discover: Land of tango and samba, Latin America is a continent that must above all be experienced with each sense. Colors, smells, music, large wild spaces, breathtaking landscapes with their natural beauty, idyllic beaches and crystal clear waters, sanctuaries that seem straight out of an adventure novel ...

A cruise in South America is more than a discovery, it is an experience, a cultural and incredible adventure to the rhythm of music. From stopover to stopover, you will meet legendary civilizations and let yourself be won over by a communicative joie de vivre. From deserted beach to colonial vestiges, from bustling cities to nature reserves, the change of scenery is complete as South America immerses you in the infinite wealth of its multicolored nations at the crossroads of all dreams. 

From Rio de Janeiro in Brazil to Ushuaia at the tip of Argentina 

Cruise in Rio De Janeiro

Go on an unforgettable trip to the East Coast of Latin America. When docking in Rio de Janeiro, you will not be able to miss the visit of Christ the Redeemer who dominates the city on the famous Corcovado, before laying your towel on Copacabana beach. Among the stops on your cruise, Montevideo in Uruguay will seduce you with its unique historical, natural and cultural heritage. The town of Punta del Este, a small fishing village that has become over time the most famous and chic seaside resort in Uruguay, will surely remind you of Saint-Tropez. A stop in Buenos Aires of 3 or 4 days will allow you to appreciate its picturesque districts like San Telmo or Boca and to seize this unspeakable melancholy which sometimes emerges from this sprawling capital.

Your boat will then reach the extreme tip of Argentina to dock in Ushuaia, a city in height, with houses and shacks of all colors before reaching Antarctica your final destination. A city at the end of the world, Ushuaia in southern Patagonia is home to colonies of penguins. Dream destination, Patagonia, the land of fire and the blue glaciers flowing into the sea, but also a rich fauna of whales, sea lions and penguins contribute to a total change of scenery. 

Discover glaciers in Chile

Cruise along the Chilean coast

From Santiago to Arequipa, your journey up the shores of Chile will include stops you will never forget. Still little known, the Chilean cruise will reveal to you the wonders of this country all along the Pacific Ocean and its islands with unparalleled treasures. Ideal for lovers of the great outdoors, this boat trip along the Chilean coast will make you discover Santiago the capital, Valparaiso famous for its listed historic center, Puerto Montt city of southern Chile in a magnificent region of lakes, Iquique, the Andes with why not a stopover on Easter Island. 

Las Condes / Santiago

From Bolivia to Colombia via Peru: A great diversity of cultures and landscapes 

Your trip to the Pacific will pass through the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea to reach the Andean mountains of Peru. Among the stops are Cartagena, the very colorful Colombian city and the San Bernardo archipelago with a paradisiacal setting bordered by stretches of the most beautiful white sand beaches. You will also visit the famous Machu Pichu, the port of Puno to embark for the Uros and Taquile Islands, then Bogota, the Colombian capital where modern districts and historic center, urban architecture and green parks meet. Bogota is a city that has managed to retain a colonial and authentic atmosphere and Lima is another unmissable colonial city.

Why choose a cruise to visit South America? 

You will understand, there is not one cruise in South America but many, as the country is immense. If you have the impression that you have not taken full advantage of your stopovers given their length, they will certainly give you an idea of ​​a trip to plan in a second step, to discover more in depth one of the countries included in your trip. itinerary.

Explore the world by cruise ship

In addition to the unique memories left by your stay aboard magnificent liners, you will let yourself be carried away and enjoy unparalleled comfort. Everything is thought for your comfort and your well-being with every evening animations or shows that will immerse you a little more in the Latin soul. Are you ready ? So let yourself be aboard and enjoy the landscapes through your window. Have a good cruise!

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