Croatia identity card

Croatia identity card

- Area: 56 594 km² Population: 4 inhabitants.
- Capital city : Zagreb (790 inhabitants).
- Change : the kuna.
- Language : Croatian.
- Pre Prime Minister : Andrej Plenković (since October 2016).
- Average net monthly salary: the equivalent of 871 €.

- Listed sitesJacques de Šibenik, the old town of Dubrovnik and the plain of Stari Grad in Hvar.
In 2016 were added 28 cemeteries or set of medieval tombs spread over 4 countries (including Croatia for 2 sites: Cista Velika and Dubravka).


Croatia is since the end of the war in a long transition period. After self-management and the planned economy, the time has come for liberalism and the European Union. Today, with around 6,9% of official unemployment (it has fallen a lot, it must be said that the massive emigration of recent years contributes to this decrease), even if Croatia is still far from having all the indicators in green, it is gradually approaching the standards of its western European neighbors. Yet the crisis had passed that way: between 2009 and 2015, Croatia experienced 6 years of recession. Its economic activity contracted by 12%.

Croatia has had to face, in less than 20 years, a armed conflict on its territory, to the transformations due to end of the self-management system (numerous privatizations) andbreak-up of the Yugoslav economic space.

Croatia is member of the European Community since July 1, 2013. The citizens of Croatia saw it as a marriage of convenience rather than love ... Croatian economy, marked by low productivity and a lack of foreign investors, was heavily subsidized, at least supported by the state, and Brussels does not tolerate this ...
Agriculture also pays a heavy price to the European doxa. National subsidies were abolished, without the EU's common agricultural policy compensating for the shortfall.
On the other hand, European integration nullified regional trade treaties passed with Croatia's neighbors, with the immediate effect of less competitive exports, due to the application of new customs duties.
There remain the famous structural funds and other aid, which the Union distributes to new entrants.

Much chôci is very weak. Late payment of wages and pensions is not uncommon. So, we manage by accumulating odd jobs, often on the parallel market.

By also focusing on tourism, which has different nationalities, German tourists (almost a quarter of tourists alone) are ahead of Italians, Slovenes, Austrians, Czechs, Hungarians and French (around 500).

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