Corsica activities and leisure

Corsica activities and leisure

- Warning : we warn you against the dangers of hiking in Corsica. In addition to the fact that the GR 20 is one of the most demanding long-distance hiking trails (country trails will be more accessible to unconfirmed walkers) and that the harsh climate (heatwave or sudden violent storms) can cause problems, absolutely avoid leaving the marked trails.
This also applies to Mare a Mare and Mare e Monti.

Corsica Regional Natural Park

The Regional Natural Park of Corsica was created in 1972, and 3 main missions are assigned to it: the preservation of the natural heritage, the revitalization of interior Corsica thanks to nature tourism (1 km of hiking trails, with 'stage or refuges), information and public awareness of the island's natural and cultural environment.

Today it covers Corsica and Corse-du-Sud. A project from West, at the Aiguilles de Bavella, to the south-east. A wonder for visitors and a chance for many endangered species (mouflons, Corsican deer, golden eagles, vultures ...).

The GR 20

Forbidden to amateurs and children!

It is a myth and a sacred Vecchio). To see along the way, in addition to the dream landscapes: mountain pastures, sheepfolds, mouflons, goats, kids ... Excellent walkers can do it in 12 to 13 days, but planning 16 days is more reasonable. It's a dangerous hike!
Watch out for sudden changes in climatic conditions. There is a danger of death.
You can also find out about fire risks.

North if you leave relatively tôCorse to melt.

Outside of summer, the route should be reserved for mountain specialists. Danger ! Note also that it can be done on skis on the Alta Strada, its winter version.

At the beginning of July, snow can still be present in the climbs, on the névés oriented north. This is an additional difficulty and danger.
From July 15 to September 1, the GR 20 is very busy, and the refuges are often full (the park has set up a reservation system, with online reservation).
Note also that the shelters, open all year round, are only kept from June to October: you must therefore bring camping equipment. Wild camping is prohibited (but the bivouac is authorized around the refuges). Dogs are not allowed in shelters or on the course.
Those who do not have enough time (or courage) can reduce the trips by attacking the GR 20 by sections, with a part by coach (connections in some of the villages crossed).

Mare a Mare trails

Marked in orange, these routes allow you to cross the Corsica from west to east, from "sea to sea". Those are medium mountain routes, obviously less difficult than the GR 20. The courses are all very beautiful, crossing various regions.

Mare e Monti trails

Marked in orange, too.

The trail of Tranhumance

Ce sports trail, which is traveled in 5 days, takes the Mare e Monti, from Calenzana to the lodging of Tuarelli. There, it continues following the Fango, towards Manso. Rather steep climb to the Col de Capronale (1 m).

Country trails

Those are mid-mountain walks, going from village to village, most often marked in orange. Very numerous itineraries, which can be found everywhere on the territory, without any particular technical obstacle, for the day (from 2 to 5 hours) and accessible with family.

Do not hesitate to walk on these ancestral paths, pleasant even in summer (provided you choose the time) and ... relatively uncrowded.

Via ferrata

This is'rocky routes secured by a cable and, in steep passages, metal steps.

A good formula to learn about the thrills of rock climbing.


Corsica has nearly 100 sites where canyoning can be practiced. But around ten sites concentrate most of the activity: companies specializing in outdoor activities have their habits there.

It is go down a stream enclosed in a canyon, on foot, by swimming, by abseiling, by sliding on "slides". Special equipment is needed.

When there is no "verticality", it is only a question of water hike.

Canyoning, practiced with professionals, is not a more dangerous activity than any other outdoor activity - all of them carry some risks. Most accidents (not serious) occur during poor reception. But the danger is mainly aquatic with the sudden risk of rising waters.
It is therefore advisable to leave in the morning, thunderstorms most often developing in the second part of the day, and to forgo the descent if the weather becomes too threatening. Also remember to get information from professionals about the specific nature of the canyon.

Guided hikes

Several associations or companies offer this type of discovery. Prices vary depending on the season. The same usually organize other activities (canyoning, for example).

Diving in Corsica

Corsica is a must-see destination in the life of a diver... Its warm and crystalline waters deliver a rich and colorful emarine universe. The absence of large industries has a lot to do with it, and the water on the Isle of Beauty is constantly renewed and recharged with plankton ...

- Warning : the cosophia-Antipolis.

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