Climate, seasons and weather United States

Climate, seasons and weather United States

Due to the vastness of the territory and the large differences in altitude, temperatures and precipitation are quite variable.

Western American climate

Globally, in the West, the climate is continental. Winters are cold, especially except when the chinook blows, a hot, dry wind.

Summers are hot everywhere and often stormy.

In California, in recent years, drought has become a real scourge. Monstrous fires have destroyed tens of thousands of hectares of forest, especially near Yosemite National Park, in the Napa and Sonoma region, as well as in Mendocino.

Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada, it's more in autumn or spring if you have the choice; in fact, some sectors have been transformed into furnaces and signs invite you not to walk there between 10 a.m. and 17 p.m.

On the other hand, in winter, take a large fleece, or even a down jacket, as the visitors to the Visitor Centers in particular, to make sure that the access roads are not closed.

Au spring (March-April), tempemay and early June.

Climate in California

Due to the vastness of the Californian territory, the climates are very varied. In recent years, the drought has become a real scourge. Monstrous fires have destroyed tens of thousands of hectares of forest, especially near Yosemite National Park, in the Napa and Sonoma region, as well as in Mendocino.

You, however, of the famous fog which surprises many travelers, especially in summer: it can sometimes persist all day and give the unpleasant impression of being in November in France.

To Yosemite you before you venture there outside of the summer period. In spring, for example, temperatures are very variable, unpredictable and can be downright cold. We saw some put the chains in the middle of April!

In the Rockies, the climate is continental (very cold winters, hot summers) while the climate of southern California is Mediterranean (mild winters, dry and hot summers). Note that the sea temperature barely reaches 19 ° C in the height of summer in Los Angeles and 16 ° C in San Francisco. During the same period, fogs are frequent on the coast and the wind is cold.

Northeastern LA is all about sunglasses, total screening.

Climate in Florida

In the United States, Florida benefits from a subtropical climate : it is the only state in the country where you bathe all year round. Summer is hot and humid, marked by short and heavy rains (sometimes even welcome, phew!).

The United States and Canada.

In spring and autumn, softness and humidity come to you.

Cyclones (hurricanes) in Florida

THEfall, rather pleasant, is the cyclone season. Without being frequent, they are recurrent and can be devastating. With each hurricane, there are a few deaths, victims of falling trees or struck by objects blown by the wind, and a heavy bill of damage. Miami has been identified by a group of scientists as the most vulnerable city to cyclones, due to its location and low coastline.

If you are at camping, at the slightest suspicious sign, we advise you to put away the equipment and take refuge in the hotel, the staff being aware of the maneuvers to follow in an emergency. The alerts go from the hurricane watch stage (hurricane danger within 36 hours) to that of hurricane warning (arrival within 24 hours). To this degree, the authorities decree, in the most serious cases, the order to evacuate the coast. We suggest that you postpone your domestic flights in case of bad weather because the companies do not hesitate to leave, even in staggering weather conditions.

In case you especially windows, which can explode and send projectiles of all kinds).

Climate in Lousiane

The climate of the southeastern United States is almost subtropical, with hot and very humid summers and relatively mild and dry winters.

Orleans, which makes walking around town unpleasant (but the prices much lower).

- cyclones can sometimes be rife, especially in late summer and early fall.

Climate in the Northeastern United States

Watch out for us)! Chicago, nicknamed "Windy City", sees Lake Michigan partially freezing every winter, and frozen Niagara Falls is a sight not to be missed. Boston and Washington spend part of the winter in the snow.

As to summers, they are hot, even very hot (Washington's heat and humidity will remind you that this is a humid subtropical climate!), and they sometimes extend into a beautiful Indian summer.

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