Climate in Nivala: when to go

WARNINGS : the data for this destination is incomplete. The results should therefore be viewed with great caution.

Annual average climate in Nivala

Below, the main values ​​of the climatic averages over the whole year in Nivala:

  • Minimum annual temperature: -2°C
  • Average annual temperature: 3°C
  • Maximum annual temperature: 8°C

Monthly climate normals

Min / Max Precipitation
January -10 ° / -3 ° -
March -9° / – -
April -2 ° / 8 ° -
may 4 ° / 15 ° -
June 9 ° / 19 ° -

These weather statistics were generated using the values ​​recorded at the NIVALA weather station. This is located in Finland, 0 km from Nivala and is located at an altitude of 79 meters.

The best time to go (and the worst)

We also provide some information that should allow you to choose the best time to stay in Nivala, or the periods to exclude.

Which are the warmest months in Nivala?

In Nivala, the months of the year with the highest maximum temperatures are:
June (with 19°C), may (with 15°C), April (with 8°C), …

What are the coldest months?

The months of the year with the lowest average temperatures in Nivala are:
January (with -7°C), March (with -5°C), April (with 3°C), …

What is the weather around?

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Around Nivala

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In Finland

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