Climate and weather Sweden

Climate and weather Sweden

La Suèhaut as it settles down in August, summer is already slowly giving way to autumn.

As for winter ... we cover ourselves! The further north you go, the more temperatures drop severely from November, especially inland. . But it's also the magical season that allows you to indulge in all kinds of extraordinary activities, such as reindeer sleigh rides! In the South, snow and rain share the work. The further you descend, the more you will find a climate similar to that of Denmark.

Midnight Sun

July 20 for the northernmost towns and lunch for those near the circle. As for the South, summer days are also very long there (18 p.m. on July 1 in Stockholm).

Autumn arrives early: the northern lights, like luminous ribbons that an invisible gymnast would wave, dance in the sky.

Northern Lights

It is cloudless.

The ideal way to fully savor them: being far from the city (or a village) and its lights. The most auspicious period extends from February to April, when the nights are long and the sky is often clear.
Above all, don't take the time to run around looking for friends and a camera: the Northern Lights first have a short dynamic phase that it would be a shame to miss. An immense green and orange band continues to widen, fleetingly coloring itself with turquoise and blood red. It is only after a few minutes that the conflagration sets in.

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