Climate and weather Mexico

Climate and weather Mexico

There are 2 noon or night.

In winter: sunny, but not too hot, hardly any rain and not too many people outside the seaside areas. On the other hand, it is then cool, even cold in the evening at altitude in Mexico City (2 ​​m), on the central highlands and in the mountains of Chiapas (San Cristobal is at 240 m) ...

The hinterland areas between 1 and 000 m altitude benefit from a temperate climate with an average temperature of 2 ° C and cooler evenings in winter.

- 30 20 ° C at night.
On the coast of the Gulf of Mexico and in Yucatán, the weather is often cloudy, the risk of rain is not to be neglected and the nortes, the northerly winds, can make the evenings chilly.
In these regions, the months of September and October are favorable to cyclones (sometimes from August to November).
In the north of the country, where the rains are less frequent, the climate is continental with cold winters, even snowy, and very hot and stormy summers.

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Suitcase for Mexico

- Summer clothes and swimsuits for the coast.

- Wool for high altitude regions.

- A rain cape, but you can buy it on site at a ridiculous price. Very useful !

- The sleeping bag can be useful in winter, especially if you plan to sleep in cheap hotels, where there is no heating and often insufficient blankets!

- Important: If you walk in Indian regions like Chiapas, avoid wearing the typical shirts and tunics that you will have bought at the market: Indians are rather upset to see tourists playing puppets with their traditional costumes.

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