Climate and weather Croatia

Climate and weather Croatia

The Croatian territory is divided into two very different climates.

First, continental climate in the lands, Zagorje and Slavonia, which is characterized by cold, even freezing winters! Heavy snowfalls are frequent and, since temperatures can remain below 0 ° C for several days, the roads quickly turn into ice rinks. On the other hand, the summers are hot, even very hot, with often heavy thunderstorms in the evening.

On the coast, the climate is Mediterranean. It is distinguished by a great mildness in winter, the temperatures rarely falling below 10 ° C. Summers are very dry, with high temperatures and monthly temperatures of around 30 ° C. You will appreciate the temperature of the sea which, around 26 ° C in summer, allows the more cautious to enter the water without hesitation and the more courageous to swim until October.

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East. Cold wind with violent squalls, it originates in the Lika basin and then rushes through the Velebit passes towards the coast. It refreshes the air and drives away the clouds.
Le juice is, as its name suggests, a southerly wind, which brings heavy and humid air and evening thunderstorms.

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