Climate and weather Canada

Climate and weather Canada

Western Canada

The west of the country counts 3 different climatic zones.

The pacific coast enjoys a mild and humid microclimate. It rains there a lot in winter, less in summer. But the fog banks of Vancouver Island are famous ... There is seldom great heat in the area.

L & rsquoBritish (Kamloops, Okanagan Valley) is, on the other hand, very dry. You can even suffer from the heatwave there, you just have to cool off by swimming in the lakes.

In the summer of July, and the access roads to some campsites may still be closed at this season.

Finally, note that in summer, the air conditioning works at full speed everywhere. It is therefore better to bring a sweater when you go to a shopping center or a restaurant! In winter, it is quite the opposite, apartments and public places are often overheated.


See the climate and weather in Quebec.

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