Christmas Island: the incredible crab island

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The funny gift of nature reserved for Christmas Island

Each year, residents and visitors to Christmas Island can admire the incredible migration of millions of red crabs. An exceptional phenomenon that would almost make you want to explore this little piece of land in the middle of nowhere!

Christmas, the island at the end of the world

Located in the Indian Ocean, 900 km from Jakarta (Indonesia) and 1600 km from Australia, Christmas Island is not an island like the others. This Australian outer territory represents a true paradise for animal species.

With its exceptional fauna and nature, travelers who venture there will be able to live a unique experience. On this little island, 21 km long and 18 km wide, two thirds are part of the national park. Only 1400 people live there, which helps preserve the island's natural environment.

The migration of tens of millions of crabs

Christmas Island is distinguished primarily by its migration of red crabs. This endemic species (it is also found on the Cocos Islands) Gecarcoidea Natalis is protected.

During the rainy season, which begins in October, the crabs migrate. Concretely, they leave the forest to reach the ocean, in which the females will lay their eggs. About two months later, the mothers accompanied by their newborns make the journey in the opposite direction to go again to the forest.

To make this change of habitat, the 40 million crabs cross the island, offering an amazing scene to passers-by. They mainly congregate along roadsides, but also along walls. Must therefore close the doors well so that they do not enter the interior of the houses. In addition, this migration forces the inhabitants to drive very slowly to protect the crabs.


One of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced #babyredcrabs #redcrabmigration @thomas__tribe#gopro

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The unspoiled beauty of Christmas Island

Travelers can be reassured, these land crabs are harmless to humans. Living with them on the roads, trails and beaches leaves an unforgettable memory, and moreover, visitors never tire of observing them.

But apart from this curious spectacle, travelers can take advantage of their stay to dive into the Indian Ocean and admire the beauty of the corals and the underwater fauna. The island also has several paradisiacal, authentic and unspoiled beaches - as well as a detention center for migrants, but that is another story. In short, with its tropical climate and exceptional fauna, Christmas Island provides a total change of scenery.

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