Chicago Food, Food & Drink

Chicago Food, Food & Drink

Deep dish pizza

C & rsquobas. A ton of cheese left over. An invention that made the fortune of his Pizzeria Uno restaurant.
Since then, the notoriety of the deep dish pizza has gone well beyond the borders of its chain of restaurants, now ubiquitous on American soil. And other pizzerias have opened their doors.

By the way, cooking the famous pizza takes a long time; logical, given the thickness! Once the order has been placed, you will therefore need wait at least 45 minutes at the table. Yes, it has to be earned!

A tip: you can sometimes place your order before having your table (there is often a line in pizzerias ...), which considerably reduces the wait once seated. Generally, they are served in 4 sizes, from individual to family for 4 people. We remind you that American sizes are much higher than European standards ...

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