Canberra Hot Air Balloon Ride at Sunrise

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Canberra is a beautiful city of lakes, parks, state buildings and colorful tree-lined streets, surrounded by bushland and mountains. Seeing this remarkable urbanized city from a hot air balloon offers a unique perspective. No other way of seeing Canberra brings together so effectively the vision of designer Walter Burley Griffin and the way it has been translated into the vibrant capital that Canberra has become. Your experience begins with a meeting at the Hyatt hotel 30 minutes before sunrise and ends after landing with a traditional celebration with sparkling wine and a 'flight commemorative certificate'. All flights last between 45 minutes and 1 hour.

Your piloting experience begins early in the morning at the Hyatt Hotel, located on Commonwealth Avenue, a two-minute walk from the Houses of Parliament.

You have an appointment just before dawn because this is the best time to fly. From the Hyatt you are taken to the launch site. It takes about 20-25 minutes for the hot air balloon to be inflated and ready for boarding. You are welcome to help set up the hot air balloon or you can just stand back and take pictures as your balloon takes shape and comes to life.

Take off at dawn! As the new day begins, you will soar through the air aboard your multicolored hot air balloon. Your ball will flutter gently in the breeze, while in your basket you will feel secure with very little sense of movement. During your flight, you may find yourself drifting just above the treetops, then moments later soaring effortlessly to heights of 600 meters or more.

Photography from the hot air balloon is encouraged and you'll be rewarded with great shots of Canberra, giving you years of fond memories.

After about an hour, you will be greeted by your ground crew as you descend back to earth. The ball is put away in good spirits, then you get back in one of the vehicles and return to the Canberra Hyatt. Enjoy a glass of Australian sparkling wine as you receive a commemorative flight certificate as part of our traditional balloon flight celebration.

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