Canada: three "ends of the world" in digital detox mode

Goodbye computer, TV, laptop. In theory, vacations are made for that. In reality, there are few places where you can really cut yourself off from social networks, forget the office emails and do without the Internet. In short, let go. has unearthed three destinations in Canadian islands far from it all: Manitoulin, Fogo and Tofino, three superb “ends of the world” where “disconnect” is not an empty word.

Manitoulin Island, between lakes and forests

On one side, the waters of Lake Huron, on the other, those of Georgian Bay. The last remnant of the Niagara Escarpment in Ontario, Manitoulin is the largest lake island in the world. People come here to enjoy a pretty mosaic of wild coasts and large central lakes drowned in the forest, all 180 km long and 50 km wide. Streaked by paths and small bucolic roads - not always paved - the island reserves beautiful walks to do with the family.

We recommend, for example, the Cup & Saucer Trail, which begins 4 km north of M'Chigeeng (formerly West Bay). This hiking trail offers magnificent views of the forest and the lakes. The ride lasts, depending on the route chosen, between 1 and 4 hours, and leads to the last foothills of the Niagara Escarpment.

Other sites are also worth a visit, such as the fine sandy beach of Providence Bay, natural and green. Covered with vegetation, it seems to have remained in the wild. In summer, at the entrance to Kagawong, you can take a dip at the foot of the Bridal Veil Falls, Manitoulin's most famous waterfall. It is accessed from the car park, by going down the stairs, or from the village (allow about fifteen minutes of walking).

Finally, be aware that a third of the island's inhabitants are First Nations. The M'Chigeeng and Wikwemikong Indian Reserves allow you to discover the powwow, a religious festival during which the Amerindians celebrate their warlike exploits. From the beginning of June to the beginning of September, around ten pow-wows take place in the villages of the island. Manitoulin comes alive especially on the first weekend of August, during the great Wikwemikong powwow which brings together all the communities. Do not miss…

Fogo Island, the mysterious

His name does not appear in any travel catalog. It must be said that she is so far away, Fogo Island... Somewhere off the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador, north of the French territory of Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon: already, in itself, a part of the world.

Getting there is quite an adventure: you have to take the plane, then the car, and finally the ferry. The latter leads us straight to chaotic landscapes drawn by the wind, in the middle of a raging Atlantic Ocean. Fogo is a piece of land 25 km long and 14 km wide, populated by 2 souls. Enough to make it the largest island in the province.

Architecture enthusiasts may know it for the Fogo Island Inn, this improbable luxury hotel planted on the rocky coast. However, this superbly designed building is far from being the island's only interest. You can go on unusual hikes, such as climbing to the top of Brimstone Head. Its name may not ring a bell, but the Flat Earth Society, an organization that supports the theory of the flat earth, considers it to be one of the four "corners" of the Earth!

Above all, Fogo Island remains an excellent spot to watch the icebergs and watch for the shadow of Whales. In all, about twenty species populate its waters. Hopefully you will spot them from the island during a hike. Otherwise, opt for the junior cruise course, a safe bet. The Ketanja Boat Tour company slaloms between blocks of ice to get as close as possible to puffins and other sea birds.

Another surprise, the small island loves festivals of all kinds. You can attend the Great Fogo Island Punt Race: To There and Back boat race in July, the Brimstone Head Folk music festival in August or the Fogo Island Partridgeberry food festival in October. Brand new, the Fogo Island Bus immerses us in the local cultural life, from museums to artists' studios. The opportunity to make beautiful encounters with the inhabitants of this island like no other ...

Tofino, a surfer's paradise

Vancouver Island, located on the west coast of Canada off the coast of British Columbia, is already a universe in itself. This immense 500 km long island, much of which remains unexplored, is full of unparalleled beaches, lush forests and breathtaking mountain scenery. A paradise for lovers of large virgin spaces ...

Pearl of the island, the coastal village of Tofino remains a must see on Vancouver Island. Difficult to go further, because Tofino is located at the end of Route 4, a 4 hour drive from the capital Victoria. A real end of the world, therefore, that we reach by crossing sublime landscapes. Stuck to a small plot far from the Pacific Rim, the fishing port of Tofino nestles in the Clayoquot sound, an area classified as a biosphere reserve by Unesco.

Here you will face the Pacific Ocean everywhere that Tofino seems to welcome with open arms. We could spend whole days admiring its waves that die in the hollow of its charming coves (small bays) or on the sublime beaches Tonquin, MacKenzie and Chesterman. No wonder Tofino has become Canada's Surf Capital! If skiing tempts you, head to Long Beach, the most popular spot for surfers, which gives Tofino its cool and alternative atmosphere. However, plan a thick wetsuit to face the chilly water temperature ...

Even if the area is known for its spectacular sea storms in winter, people come here during the summer, between May and September, to observe the black bears on the shore of Clayoquot Sound, as well as the Whales or sea ​​lions at sea. Count around $ 85 with The Whale Center for a 2 to 30 hour excursion (same price for bears). You will mostly see gray whales, which migrate from Mexican Baja California to Alaska. Another side of the world!

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