Canada Identity Card

Canada Identity Card

- Area: 9 km² Population: approximately 37,8 million inhabitants.
- Density Capital city : Ottawa, Ontario.
- Official languages ​​: l & rsquo Change : the Canadian dollar.
- Type of State: faith Head of É Head of government: Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister, since November 2015 (re-elected in October 2019).

- UNESCO World Heritage Sites: le Vieux-QuéÉÉS emashed-In Buffalo Jump (1981) on-Ston / ÁPréÉcosse (2012).


Canada ranks 10th in the world economy. With a GDP per capita of US $ 45 (source 032), it is a country where life is rather good. Mines, electricity, tourists, automobiles, lumber and pulp, bituminous hydrocarbons, telecommunications, Alberta beef, Atlantic lobsters, all contribute to Canadian prosperity.

Other wealth: immigration. According to economists, immigration contributes up to 70% of Canada's population growth. Canada receives more immigrants per capita than any other country, which gives it capital, diverse and exceptional skills.

The oil manna

Canada is also, and above all, a country of natural resources ; they provided Canadians with one of the highest standards of living in the world after World War II.

United States and Mexico have created United. But it & rsquoUnis.

C & rsquo Orient. And that shouldn't change anytime soon: Canada has the 3rd largest oil reserve in the world.
Low taxes, dismantled environmental rules ... the Canadian government has supported the exploitation of these hydrocarbons, regardless of its destructive consequences. The oil from the tar sands is one of the dirtiest in the world.
The oil sands windfall poses another problem: the West has grown even richer while the East, Ontario and Quebec depend on imports. Since the 2000s, it is the very liberal Alberta that has been pushing the national GDP upwards.

From one crisis to another

In the 1990s and 2000s, revenues from natural resources, sustained growth and control of spending enabled the government to post 12 continuous years of budget surpluses!
Too dependent on the American engine, the country could not escape the crisis. Between 2010 and 2015, a brief stimulus period was put in place, before the Harper government ended it, to adopt a austerity and austerity policy : budget cuts, elimination of posts, postponement of the retirement age, etc.

A new economic turn is taken with Justin Trudeau. Even though the measures he has taken appear to reactivate the country's economy through a continued decline in unemployment, his vast plan to modernize infrastructure is controversial.

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