California Transportation & Travel

California Transportation & Travel

The plane

The companies serving the United States are numerous and flight delays almost trivial as the traffic is dense. Beware of the long beating time between the 3 planes when you arrive (especially since, generally, you not only have to go through customs, but also recover your hold baggage on the carpet and leave it further away).
On the domestic flights, the service is reduced and most services are chargeable. Be aware of the weight limits of your checked baggage when switching from an international flight to a domestic flight.

The car

Ah! what a joy to drive in the United States, to drive quietly on the wide rectilinear highways while listening to good music ... Obviously, we disregard the big cities and their surroundings, where heading and parking are sometimes a paranoid ordeal. The option GPS, or a good navigation app (type on your smartphone, can then be particularly useful.

Gasoline remains cheaper than with us and there is only very few tolls.
These are mainly present in the outskirts of large cities and almost systematic for major bridges and tunnels. This is particularly the case for the famous Golden Gate Bridge, with a subtlety: the toll is automatic, with taking a photo of the vehicle plate. You must therefore be registered beforehand, under penalty of a fine.

Car rental

Good to know: a vehicle can cost up to twice as much when you made your reservation in France than when you made it on site.

Some general rules

- Difficult, if not impossible to rent a car if you have Less than 21 years, or even 25 years for large companies. Ideally, people under 25 will sometimes need to take out “$ 30 per day” insurance.
- International payment card mandatory for the deposit.

- National permit sufficient. International license is not required Drop-off: you can return the véway rental), but you will have to pay a drop-off charge (drop-off charge) more or less important.
- Even.

Rules of conduct

- Traffic lights : they are located after the crossroads and not before as with us. If you stop at the traffic lights, you will be right in the crossroads.

- Prioritéci has neither lights nor signs, which is quite rare; the car on the right then has priority.

- Turn left, with a car in front: a left turn, at a crossroads, is shortest, passing one in front of the other.

- Turn right at an intersection: as long as you are in the right lane, you can turn right, even if the traffic light is red, after having observed a pause and making sure that the lane is clear, first at pedestrian level ( which retain priority) then vehicles. Warning ! This is valid in California, but not necessarily in neighboring states.

- Watch your backs, Americans double indifferently on the left as on the right, and do not systematically fall back. The slowest driver in the whole state may very well squat in the left lane indefinitely, even if there are signs asking him to pull over to the right ...

- way stop, which is a crossroads with a stop for each of the 4 streets, is quite frequent but completely new to us. If there is a car at each stop, remember the order of arrival!

- Parking in town, park them elsewhere!
If the park gets you to pay around $ 10 to $ 15 a day, or even more in some upscale neighborhoods.
On the other hand, at San Francisco, where car parking is complex, here and there we find small car parks guarded between buildings, which are much cheaper than covered car parks or those of hotels.
Finally, NEVER park at a bus stop, or in front of a fire hydrant, or of course if there is a “Tow away” sign, which means “Removal”.

- School buses at the stop: very important, when a school bus (you can't miss them) stops and it turns on its red flashing lights, it is compulsory to stop in both directions, to allow children who get off the bus to cross. If we follow him (no luck), do not overtake him.

- Respect due to pedestrians: you will often see the sign or the inscription on the ground "Xing". It means Cross (the cross) ing. Here, respect for protected passages is not an empty word. As soon as a pedestrian advances to enter the roadway to cross it, everyone stops (well, almost).

The bus

If the retotality of the country. But it's not just them! Other companies offer very competitive offers, like Megabus.

The tickets

Tickets can be purchased at bus stations, over the Internet and over the phone. Those bought well in advance are cheaper. Big difference in prices also between "economy" tickets (non-refundable) and " flexible " (changeable without charge and refundable). You can also opt for an “economy extra” ticket, with priority boarding (useful because there is no numbered seat on the tickets). In any case, it is better to show up a minimum of time before departure, especially if you have luggage to put in the hold.

En holiday season, buses are often crowded by all those who do not fly.

Pay attention to the various forms of travel: express, non-stop, local... Just compare the departure time and arrival time, so you will know which one is faster.

Buses, fast, offer a certain comfort : with wc on board and AC, which means that it can be very cool there; plan a sweater.

- stops en route are not mentioned on the tickets (only those with a change of bus are indicated). Observe the time given by the driver for the break. The latter will leave at the appointed time, without qualms for those who have not got back on the bus!

The train

The train is very 12 years old).
It exists 12 years).
Attention, for these passes, it is impé856-7924 ​​or by sending an e-mail to All you have to do is collect the ticket from the ticket office when you get there - making sure that the station is not automated!

  • Otherwise, possibility of book single train tickets on

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