California Traditions and Customs

California Traditions and Customs

Indians today

The Amé including 229 in Alaska - which means that some have no territory. The Amerindian population is now growing quite rapidly, reaching between 2,5 and 5,2 million individuals, depending on whether one considers one or more origins, 22% of whom live on reserves.

These can appear to us like ghettos, and they are in many ways, but they are also private property belonging to the Amerindians, where they can organize themselves while respecting their culture and traditions.

D & rsquot, of a "gene of frugality" (ability to store sugars).

In short, it is not for nothing that alcohol is prohibited on reserves (but not around ...) and that a Junk Food Tax (tax on all edible products considered unhealthy, such as sodas, chips, candies, hamburgers, etc.) has been applied since 2014 in Navajo territory.

All of this sanitary problems are the consequences of a story that did not allow the Amerindians to take control of their health. But since 1975, with the opening of clinics authorized for tribes, then 2010, with the Barack Obama health reform, a milestone was reached. In Navajo clinics, certain traditions are observed and, although the medicine men officiate outside, traditional consultations are reimbursed in the same way as conventional care.
In other areas, the activism of Indians in environmental matters and the written and oral practice of their language are valued as a common good necessary for all (that goes without saying!).
However, 28% of Amerindians still live below the poverty line against 15% nationally, and discrimination remains a current issue.

Who is Native American?

The people respect the treaties. This forced mobility is the source of a important mixing between tribes.

For example, the Shinnecock, which owns the seaside town, are now home to interesting raw materials.

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