California money and budget

California money and budget

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See the money and the budget in the United States.

Budget in California

A trip to California, n & rsquoburgers-salads, doesn't help ... especially if you have wine! The same goes for recreation or attractions. Still, fuel is cheaper than with us, that's already it! But hey, in short, don't expect cheap vacations!

- ie tip (see below).

In short, keep in mind that at the checkout, it will always be more expensive than the price marked on the label.

Means of locomotion

With the exception of San Francisco, which can be visited mostly on foot and by public transport, the car remains virtually the only possible means of transportation in California. In Los Angeles, it is simply essential!

So many American states sell gasoline cheaper than in France, California is still at the top of the national range. American cars tend to consume more than ours. Count about $ 3,50 to $ 4 per gallon (3,8 liters).
Of course, it all depends on where you refuel (the further away from the cities, the more expensive it is). Add to that the cost of renting a GPS (very useful in LA!) unless you already have yours or are using a navigation app.


We indicate the price for 2 people, with the exception of AJ (price per person for dormitories) and campsites (price per site), valid for 2 people in private campsites which can go up to $ 35 per room and per night, supposed to grant you the use of the wifi, the pool if there is one or the ice maker ... And often, it's the big surprise when paying the bill because it does not appear anywhere at the time of booking!

The most is $ 35 the location for 1 or 2 cars and up to 6 or 8 people).

Those who don & rsquo $ 80 per night per person in season (more at $ 100 minimum.
In motels, count well $ 90-180 on average for a double room in season (up to $ 200 or more, in San Francisco, Los Angeles and in the most touristy areas).
Also note that chain motels are often more expensive than others;

Finally, for a night in a Hotel or a B & B, we will quickly fall into the “more chic” category. Important: 2-bed rooms can accommodate 4 people.

Prices vary according to comfort, above all, according to the filling rate, but not only: it suffices that April.
En low season, prices can decrease by 20 to 50%, and sometimes even more.

Here are our price ranges, which are basically for the coast (the most expensive part), especially from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

- Very Average prices: from 100 to Classier : from $ 180 to $ 300 (double room).

Continental breakfast (light therefore) is sometimes included in the price of the room.

Hotel parking is sometimes included in the price of the room.

The restaurents

You can eat inexpensively in the United States, but that "30% more ...
If you eat in a place where food or other), the tip is not mandatory (even if there is always a jar for tips!).

- Cheap Average prices: from 12 to Classier : from 25 to Very stylish : over $ 35.


Small warning for those who are ric-rac on the financial side: the entry prices of museums and sites are rarely modest. Without counting the access rights to amusement parks that reach new heights.

On the other hand, the prices of National Parks are much more democratic, especially if there are several of you and you take a annual pass ($ 80, for an unlimited number of parks). It's time to take full advantage of nature! When preparing your travel budget, plan wide leisure side; otherwise, you may regret it on the spot.


In the supermarkets and Visitor Centers, you will find flyers and free newspapers crammed with pubs and coupons.
A lot of pubs also for motels which practice, for example, free accommodation or meals for children, sometimes up to 16 years old.

Taxes and tips

See the tip in the United States.

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