California ID Card

California ID Card

- Area: 424 002 km² Capital city : Sacramento (509 inhabitants).
- Population: 39,6 million inhabitants (2014 census Population of large cities:

  • Los Angeles, 4 million inhabitants (approximately 18,5 million for Greater Los Angeles);
  • San Francisco, 884 inhabitants (000 million for the Bay Area);
  • San Diego, 1,4 million inhabitants (3,1 million for Greater San Diego).

- Languages: English (amé Change : the dollar amé GDP per capita : approximately $ 65, compared to $ 000 for the national average.
- Chô rate Nature of É Pre Governor of California: Gavin Newsom (since 2019).
- Site listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site: Yosemite National Park (inscribed in 1984).


California, one of the spearheads of the United could he have come to this?

First there was the energy crisis of 2001 and that of the famous Silicon Valley, then the bursting of the risky mortgage bubble since 2007. A pioneer in the development of subprimes, California has been hit hard by the financial and real estate crisis. The drought is another aggravating factor: the region, considered America's breadbasket, has suffered agricultural losses.
Along with the relentless increase in debt servicing, the state's sources of revenue have dwindled, with income tax yielding less and less due to mass layoffs.

Since 2008, they are also close to $ 40 billion that was cut from social spending, public transport and infrastructure maintenance, And especially education. The state that was known to have the best education system and best universities in the country (Stanford, Berkeley, UCLA ...) is now lagging behind: schools are seeing their tight budget, that of universities has been cut by 25%. As a result, the cost of university education has steadily increased for 10 years, further limiting access to studies.
To stem this drift, Governor Gavin Newsom signed a law giving California students the opportunity tostudy for free for 2 years (and thus obtain a bachelor's degree) in community colleges. These universities, little-known because they were ousted from the rankings by the behemoths of the Ivy League, are nevertheless an economic and qualitative alternative to the exorbitant tuition fees of these famous establishments. Especially since at the end of their bachelor's degree, students can integrate them in the 3rd year. And despite this drastic austerity cure, the deficit, erased in 2013, re-pointed its nose in 2018. The social consequences are violent: more and more people are forced to accumulate 2 or even 3 jobs, food banks are forced to distribute more and more meals.

While California remains a vibrant state and Silicon Valley a blessed land for highly educated people, “normal” jobs requiring average qualifications are increasingly scarce.

The particular case of the Bay Area

If California as a whole could be better, the Bay Area would have been better off.

We could still deUnis. Everything is based on United after New York: Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Apple, eBay, Netflix ... they're all there.

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